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           NOVEMBER 2009


What's New

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, here's wishing you a safe and happy week filled with warm gatherings of family and friends. I've got lots of news and fun extras for you in this issue including an upcoming release, a new contract, 2 new contests, and some more movie recs. I've also interviewed Ellora's Cave author Paisley Smith and will be providing you with a snippet of her hot new release. And finally, The Case of the Missing Pictures...solved!!! See below for more details.


Enjoy your week, and as always, thanks for subscribing. Until next time, stay HOT between the sheets!




Book & Other News



New cover!



You've Got Irish Male


I love my new cover for the reissue of You've Got Irish Male! It's currently available from Ellora's Cave in the Enchanted Rogues anthology in both ebook and print formats, but will soon be out as a standalone. It'll remain as part of the Enchanted Rogues print anthology, while the entire e-anthology will become unavailable. If you'd wanted to nab YGIM in the past, but didn't because of its higher price as part of the anthology, you'll soon have the opportunity to add it to your TBR list at a more economical price. Release date TBA. Read more about YGIM here.


Coming soon!






A Witch's Thief


by Titania Ladley

Genre: Paranormal Historical Ménage

Book 3 in the Thieves & Lovers series

Coming soon to Ellora's Cave


I'm super excited to announce that I've just been contracted for the 3rd book in my Thieves & Lovers Robin Hood series. I received many requests for Lance's story (who made cameo appearances in both A Wanton's Thief and A Gypsy's Thief, books 1 and 2 respectively) and decided readers were rightLance's story should also be told. But don't worry, the conclusion of the series in book 4 is upcoming and features Lorana. AWT's release date hasn't been determined at this time, however, you can bet I'll squeal it out here as soon as a date is set. Members-first excerpts and a blurb will appear in a future issue.




Just released October 1!




Renegade & His Rebel


by Titania Ladley

Genre: Western-Historical Paranormal Ménage

Now out at Red Sage as part of the Three Kinds of Wicked series

Buy the book!



Renegade & His Rebel is now out! It's part of the Three Kinds of Wicked ménage series which launched July 1, 2009 with Wicked Temptation by fabulous author Liane Gentry Skye, and has since followed with the titles below. I hope you enjoy RAHR featuring my fun hellion and gun-toting heroine, Rebel, and her rugged and very determined, estranged husband, Renegade. For RAHR excerpt samples, see my website and the Red Sage website. Check below for more on the new and upcoming releases in the series.


Three Kinds of Wicked current available releases in order:


wickedtemtation   totouchawoman   recklessexposuretriplethreat



Three Kinds of Wicked upcoming releases:


hard.harvest.final.rae   Pleasure Principle   andcharliemakes_664lores     



Missing photos...solved!


A while back, pre-Carbonite.com, I had two devastating computer crashes in which I lost a bunch of pictures, many publishing-related. I emailed several author and reader friends begging copies of any photos they might have from conventions and book signings. I eventually received some replacements, but not all. Boohoo, I finally gave up and mourned the loss of those memories.


But recently, I accidentally clicked on a Yahoo icon in my mailbox I'd never noticed before called "My Photos" (in the left sidebar, btw). Imagine my surprise when every single graphic ever included in an email either sent to or from me appeared on page after page ready for download. Yes, I had apparently received and/or sent almost every lost snapshot at one time or another, and little did I know that I simply had to click that icon to access them all in one place. Duh. So I've put them up on two new pages of my website. Just click this link to go to Page #1! Missing photos website page.



Looking for some new and delicious recipes for the winter months? Author Lynn LaFleur is spotlighting some really yummy ones in her monthly newsletter including a soup recipe from me in her most recent issue. If you're not already a member of Lynn's Latest, you're missing a fun newsletter. You can sign up by sending her an email to lynn@lynnlafleur.com.




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Freebies & Exras



Date:  Wednesday, December 16, 2009:  Every third Wednesday, I'll be discussing  movie reviews at Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth's blog, The Raven Happy Hour. Although I already do short movie reviews on all genres here in the newsletter, at The Raven Happy Hour I will focus on paranormal movies only. (Two are up already.) The reviews will be more in-depth than they are here, and they will, at times, include some new releases straight from the movie theatre. Be sure and bookmark this fun and very active blog. I will conduct contests, some announced as such, some "secret", so those who comment could win at any time.



Do you tweet? Yes, I've gone and done it. I'm now on Twitter (though I'm still trying to figure out how to work it). Please go follow me for up-to-the-minute announcements!


Titania's Twitter


I have a new BLOG! Well, it's not exactly new. If you'd prefer to keep up with my news on a more frequent basis, be sure and bookmark the URL or put it in your Notifier thingy. There will be random prizes to posters.


Titania's Blog





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Renegade & His Rebel


4.5 Delightful Divas! "Renegade and His Rebel by Titania Ladley captured my attention from the first page and I couldn’t stop reading until I was done...  This is a fast paced book with a smooth flow. I loved the western language and tone that Titania gave to the whole book. It made for a realistic read, even when a touch of paranormal snuck into the story. If you are looking for a quick, hot read that will have you laughing one minute and fanning the flames of desire in the next, then I recommend that you pick up Renegade and His Rebel as soon as you can!" ~ Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews




4 Stars! "This unusual story grabs the attention early and holds it prisoner until the last word. Roxana Blaze has captured the tenor and tension of the time, if not the language. She paints her scenery with images and her characters with raw emotions suited to the situation. This is an author to seek out and enjoy. 'Heartless' is a heart rending story and well worth the time to read." ~ Polly for Bitten By Books


Ti's Movie Recs



Here are my latest MOVIE RECS complete with my personal ratings out of 5 stars...



Defiance ~ 5 stars... Based on a true WWII story. Four Jewish brothers escape from Poland into the forest and lead a group of resistance fighters while protecting their women and children. Great movie of courage and perseverance that will evoke a wide array of emotions. A couple of romances included! Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber star. Tear-jerker alert.



Nothing But the Truth ~ 4.5 stars...  Love Kate Beckinsale! She stars with Matt Dillon in this political thriller based on actual events about a journalist who outs a CIA agent, and the horrific consequences she must endure for her decision. Tear-jerker alert.



Changeling ~ 4.5 stars... Also based on true events, this movie starring another of my fave actress chicks, Angelina Jolie, tells of a woman in the 1920-s-30s dealing with the political ramifications of her son's kidnapping. Tear-jerker alert.



What Happens in Vegas ~ 4.5 stars... If you're in the mood for a funny romantic comedy, this is the one. Features actors Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.



Flawless ~ 4 stars... Jewel-heist film set in the 1940s (or thereabouts) starring Demi Moore and Michael Caine as the unlikely thieves.



Transsiberian ~ 4 stars... Murder and intrigue abound when a young couple looking to repair their marriage takes a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer star.



Match Point ~ 4 stars... Hitchcock-style murder and scandal movie starring Scarlet Johansson. Good rental.



Awake ~ 4 stars... A heart transplant patient experiences "anesthetic awareness" in which he can hear and feel everything but is paralyzed and unable to do anything to stop it. Also has a touch of the paranormal.



Paranormal Activity ~ 3.75 stars...   Saw this one in the theatre; creepy low-budget movie that'll make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Didn't care for the shaky camera feel. I had nausea through most of the movie due to the shaky camera style reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project. See my full review at The Raven Happy Hour.



Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ~ 3.5 stars...  Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox (two more of my faves) star in this action-packed sci-fi fantasy. I liked the first one better, but this one was a good rental.



Shutter ~ 3.5 stars...  After a car accident in Japan, a young newly married American couple begin to experience a haunting that turns out to be way more than they expected. See my full review at The Raven Happy Hour.



X-Men Origins: Wolverine ~ 3.5 stars...  Action-packed prequel to X-Men, not as good as the first but worth the rental. Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber star.






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Interview & Excerpt



Ellora's Cave Author Paisley Smith Interview


Give up a big welcome to author Paisley Smith! Paisley’s got a very hot free read available for immediate download, and she’ll also be giving away a prize in the contest section above. So kick back and get to know this great lady who happens to own one extremely talented pen.


Ti: Hi, Paisley, thanks so much for your time! Could you tell us a bit about yourself before we talk books? Background, career(s), family, where you hail from, how long you’ve been writing, hobbies, just anything to lay the groundwork for who Paisley Smith really is?


Paisley: Thanks for the warm welcome, Titania! I grew up in a small town in the south and have been writing since before I could read. My first stories were picture books, usually inspired by a favorite movie or tv series. I’m still an old school southern girl, the type who shuns white after Labor Day and always remembers to send thank you notes.



Ti: What’s a day in the life of Paisley Smith like? Take us through your routine, your writing habits, your research, everything you’re willing to out. :-D


Paisley: I’m early to bed and early to rise. I usually start my day by checking emails, facebook, websites, favorite forums, and then I get to work writing. Since I write F/F and F/F/M contemporaries, I don’t have to do a lot of research but I’m toying with an F/F historical idea that will require me to delve into Renaissance Italy. I’m a total “pantser” when it comes to writing but I’ll plan the next scene out in my head — usually about two in the morning.



Ti: What sorts of main genres and sub-genres do you prefer to write? Do you have plans to branch out into other genres?


Paisley: I write lesbian and bisexual contemporary romance but am planning to write a lesbian historical.



Ti: What publisher(s) do you write for?


Paisley: I write for Ellora’s Cave.



Ti: In poking around on your website, I got a giggle out of the “Want a taste of Paisley?” sidebar note. Very catchy considering it’s a clever play on the title of your Ellora’s Cave Naughty Nooners free read, FIRST TASTE. I’ve always loved reunion premises, and this one didn’t disappoint. Where did you get the idea for this fabulous, highly evocative short story? Could you please direct my members to a link where they can download FIRST TASTE for free?


Paisley: Well…ahem…all writers write from some sort of experience. Don’t they? (blushing) First Taste was definitely a combination of my own experiences and fantasies mingled with a story I hope readers will enjoy. The cover has a man and woman on it but the story is F/F. You can download it free at Ellora’s Cave.



Ti: You were blessed by the cover gods with your recent release BIRTHDAY GIRL. Did you have any input into the cover design? How did you come up with the idea for this hot-hot ménage story?


Paisley: Thanks! I was tickled pink by the cover. I love the subtlety of the girl’s hands covering the other woman’s breasts. Very sexy! I sent a cover request to the talented art department at Ellora’s Cave with photos of a couple of models who reminded me of my heroines but I was pleasantly surprised by the finished cover! Once again, I have to admit, I relied on a combination of experience and pure fantasy for the story idea. I think I’m going to put the bark and bite paddle used in Birthday Girl on my Christmas wish list.



Ti: Where can readers go to get a sample of and/or buy BIRTHDAY GIRL?


Paisley: At Ellora’s Cave



Ti: As a new Paisley Smith fan, I went scouring the net and noticed you have an upcoming Quickie with Ellora’s Cave titled BEYOND CURIOUS. Is it a regular Quickie or an Exotika? I’m dying to know what it’s about. Can you give us a little blurb?


Paisley: Since Beyond Curious has a happily ever after ending, it will be a regular Ellora’s Cave Quickie. Here’s the blurb:


Annie Prescott is only taking piano lessons because it was her grandmother’s dying wish but when she meets Emily, her sexy piano teacher, both their lives take an unexpected turn.


Emily knows her lesbian student should be off limits but she cannot deny her overwhelming attraction to Annie’s androgynous beauty and soon, Emily finds herself surrendering to a long suppressed lust that just might lead her to the love of a lifetime.



Ti: Do you have a release date yet for BEYOND CURIOUS?


Paisley: I’m not sure. Possibly as soon as December.



Ti: What else do you have in the works in the way of works in progress? Anything newly contracted that you can spill about?


Paisley: Not at this time.



Ti:  Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? News, website, blog, Twitter, Myspace, a newsletter, anything at all?


Paisley: Since my first book was released in October, I’m fairly new to all the social networks. Please visit my site at http://paisleysmith.webs.com and be sure to click the links to fan my facebook page or follow me on Twitter!



Ti: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us at Titania’s Hot Sheets Newsletter! It was a pleasure chatting with you. I’ll be watching for your upcoming books! Members, enjoy a steamy snippet of Paisley's BIRTHDAY GIRL...






Birthday Girl


by Paisley Smith

Genre: Contemporary Ménage Erotica

Now out at Ellora's Cave

Buy the ebook!







It’s Gemma’s thirty-second birthday. She’s not surprised when her gorgeous husband Nate whips out the blindfold and orders her to bend over for a birthday spanking. What does surprise her is that Nate has enlisted the help of a friend. Another woman!


Lindsey is a sexy Bohemian artist who has starred in Gemma’s fantasies for a long while. She doesn’t know what will happen beyond this single night of scorching sex play, but for now, Gemma fully intends to enjoy every new touch, taste, sight and sound her “birthday gift” has to offer.




“You’re going to get ten licks at a time, birthday girl,” he said huskily.


Heady intoxication flooded me. My bottom was hot. Alive. Ready for more. I was thirty‑two today and wanted every last lick I was due and one to grow on.


“Who—” I began again, desperate to know who was in the room with us, but Nate silenced me with a finger to my lips.


“Come to the bed,” he said, leading me.


My knees trembled so violently I would have collapsed had Nate not been at my side. He loosened my bonds as we moved in tandem. I thought for a moment he might free me so that I could rip off my mask and identify the phantom paddler but Nate was too fast.


My hands were swept in front of me, bound again, but this time with a length of fabric Nate could obviously hold and control. He lifted me and tossed me on the bed, joining me only to secure my hands to the headboard so they stretched high above my head.


So much for ripping off the blindfold. “Remind me not to give you any more neckties,” I said with a smirk.


The bed sank as the third person climbed on. My breathing quickened. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears.


What now?


“Now you’re going to get a lick of a different kind,” Nate said. That Cheshire Cat smugness had returned to his voice.


My pulse stampeded at the thought of a stranger eating my pussy. Who was this? Was Nate actually going to watch another man fuck me?


“Spread your legs,” Nate commanded.


When I did not immediately comply, he lifted them, holding my ankles effortlessly up and open. A torrid blush infused my cheeks that I was spread wide for a stranger’s view.


“Nate—” I began but my protest choked in my throat when I felt the softest kiss touch my clit.


I stilled.


My breath froze in my lungs.


Soft palms moved over my hips and bottom, moving inward and upward as thumbs opened my labial lips.


The tip of a tongue flickered over my clit. Long locks of hair tickled my thighs.


A woman! Oh, my God…

 Birthday Girl now available at Ellora's Cave!

Paisley Smith's website

Buy the ebook!



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