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           OCTOBER 2009


What's New

Happy Early Halloween!

Yay, school's back in session and autumn's here! Leaves have been turning in my area, lots of vivid reds and brilliant oranges. We've got cooler temperatures, pumpkins growing fat in patches, and ghouls gearing up for spooking. But in the meantime, we've been pleasantly surprised with a very productive garden. Nummy sweet corn that's just about through, fat juicy tomatoes I've been canning and freezing, squash out the ears, and scorching-hot jalapeno peppers. Speaking of scorching hot, I have LOTS of exciting things to report including two recent releases, a brand new release, an upcoming reissue, a members-first steamy snippet in Excerpts, a bunch of news in the Appearances section, a contest winner, and a new BIG-WIN holiday contest for you to enter. 


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Book & Other News


Just released October 1!




Renegade & His Rebel


by Titania Ladley

Genre: Western-Historical Paranormal Ménage

Now available at Red Sage Publishing as part of the Three Kinds of Wicked ménage series

Buy the book!



I'm excited to announce that Renegade & His Rebel is now out! It's part of the Three Kinds of Wicked ménage series which launched July 1, 2009 with Wicked Temptation by fabulous author Liane Gentry Skye. The first of approximately 10-12 loosely connected ménage stories, Wicked Temptation begins the journey of Trey, a time-strider who will appear in every story of the series including my Renegade and His Rebel. (Each is a standalone.) The series also includes stories by talented authors such as Alice Gaines, Anne Rainey, Mia Varano, Selah March and Calista Fox, to name a few, with more on the horizon. In the Excerpts section, I've chosen a steamy sample for members, one that hasn't yet been posted elsewhere at the time of this writing. I hope you enjoy RAHR featuring my fun hellion and gun-toting heroine, Rebel, and her rugged and very determined, estranged husband, Renegade. For more samples, see my website and the Red Sage website.




Reissue coming Soon!





You've Got Irish Male


You've Got Irish Male, currently available from Ellora's Cave in the Enchanted Rogues anthology in both ebook and print formats, will be reissued as a single title in ebook. It will remain as part of the Enchanted Rogues print anthology, but the entire e-anthology will no longer be available. The release date for You've Got Irish Male is yet TBA, but I'm hoping for a February or March date given its St. Pat's/Irish theme. Watch here in the newsletter for its reissue release date announcement. Read more about YGIM here.








Writing as Roxana Blaze

Genre:  Gay Historical Erotica w/Paranormal aspects

Now available at Ellora's Cave!

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Don't miss my recent release, the second in my Nighthawk series following Breathless, in which Nighthawk continues his wicked karma journey. There will be four total in this series. You can read an excerpt on the publisher's website or here on my website.



Print format NOW AVAILABLE for Preorder!



Kabana Heat


by Titania Ladley

Genre:  Contemporary Ménage

Now available in print format!

(Also available in ebook.)

Buy the print book



Kabana Heat is now available in trade paperback! Set in Hawaii, this steamy ménage would be the perfect  erotic romance autumn escape. Get your copy now!



NEW WEBSITE! Red Sage Publishing's Three Kinds of Wicked series now has a website thanks to the fabulous artist Rae Monet at Rae Monet Design, Inc. Click on the following link to read about some of the yummy stories headed your way. Check it out!



Take a look at the new Three Kinds of Wicked video trailer! It includes the first 5 in the ménage series including my new release, RENEGADE & HIS REBEL.






Red Sage on TV! Some of Red Sage's Secrets volumes were recently featured on NBC Nightly News. Author Leigh Court was interviewed in the interesting romance/books report.  Here's the link.



Looking for some new and delicious recipes for the approaching winter months? Author Lynn LaFleur is spotlighting some really yummy ones in her monthly newsletter including an upcoming soup recipe from me. If you're not already a member of Lynn's Latest, sign up by sending her an email to lynn@lynnlafleur.com.




Around Town


Freebies from Ti




Date:  Thursday, October 8, 2009


What:  Chatting at Anne Rainey's Yahoo reader loop, The Romance Bistro After Dark


When:  Noon - 4p.m. EST

(11a.m. - 3p.m. CST)

(10a.m. - 2p.m. MT)

(9a.m. - 1p.m. PST)


Why:  PRIZES and fun book and miscellaneous chatter with Titania Ladley, the awesome Anne Rainey, and other Red Sage authors! We will be discussing our new Three Kinds of Wicked ménage series, and many other topics including the ever important latest hunks. *eg*


Where:  At the Yahoo group below. Click on the link, or copy/paste it into your browser to go to the homepage to join if you're not already a member of this great author group.


rb_afterdark : The Romance Bistro After Dark



► Date:  Monday, October 12 - Sunday, October 18, 2009:

I will be the weekly featured Release Author on the new Dark Diva Reviews website/blog. They will be spotlighting my new release, Renegade & His Rebel, and posting an interview. Please stop by and drop off a comment. A prize will be awarded to one random poster during the week!


Date:  Wednesday, October, 21 2009:  Every third Wednesday beginning in October, I will be discussing  movie reviews at Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth's blog, The Raven Happy Hour. Although I already do short movie reviews on all genres here in the newsletter, at The Raven Happy Hour I will focus on paranormal movies only. The reviews will be more in-depth than they are here, and they will, at times, include some new releases straight from the movie theatre. Be sure and bookmark this fun and very active blog! I will conduct contests, some announced as such, some "secret", so those who comment could win at any time. *winks really big at members*



Do you tweet? Yes, I've gone and done it. I'm now on Twitter. Please go follow me, and I'll turn around and follow you, too. I guess that means we'll both just be going around in circles like two cats chasing our tails. *laughs*




I have a new BLOG! Well, it's not exactly new. I started it a year ago and let it slide because I wasn't too blog savvy at the time, but I'm getting better at it. :) So I'll be doing frequent posts of various things from news to fun miscellaneous stuff to other-author books to recipes, whatever. If you'd prefer to keep up with my news on a more frequent basis, be sure and bookmark the URL or put it in your Notifier thingy.







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Renegade & His Rebel


Reviews pending at this time. Check back in the next newsletter issue to hear what readers are saying about my spunky 1800s Montana heroine, Rebel Thatcher!  


Ti's Movie Recs



Here are my latest MOVIE RECS complete with my personal ratings out of 5 stars...



Gran Torino ~ 4.5 stars...  A Korean War vet played by Clint Eastwood faces his own prejudices while coming to love and protect his Hmong immigrant neighbors from thugs. Eastwood does a great acting job while also directing.



The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ~ 4.5 stars... Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett star in this romantic drama adapted from a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A boy born old and wrinkly becomes younger-looking and stunningly handsome (well, it is Brad Pitt after all) as he ages. Loved this movie.



Million Dollar Baby ~ 4.5 stars... I've said this before -- Hilary Swank is one of my fave actresses, and she doesn't disappoint in this one. An amateur female boxer talks two older trainers into backing and training her for the pros. A real tear-jerker.



The Wind That Shakes the Barley ~ 4 stars... Military drama set in 1920s Ireland (beautiful country!) in which brothers are pitted against one another on opposites sides of the war.



Already Dead ~ 4 stars...  A man turns to a vigilante group after his son is murdered and police are unable to find the perpetrator.



An American Crime ~ 4 stars...   A psychotic single mother with too many kids takes in boarders (2 teenaged sisters) for extra money, and tortures and kills one in her basement. The acting is very well done in this shocking drama based on real events. NOTE: Not for the faint of heart.



Gone Baby Gone ~ 4 stars...  Murder mystery. Stars Morgan Freeman and Casey Affleck. (I like Casey as an actor much more than his brother, Ben). Not a bad rental.



Taken ~ 3.5 stars... I love Liam Neeson, and in this one, he portrays a devastated but determined father when his young daughter is kidnapped. As an ex-spy, he uses all his detective skills and smarts to save her.



The New World ~ 3.5 stars...  Set in the 1600s, this is the epic adventure of explorer John Smith and Native American Pocahontas. Stars Collin Farrel and Christian Bale. Good rental if you enjoy historicals with a bit of romance and history in them.





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Renegade & His Rebel


by Titania Ladley

Genre: Western-Historical Paranormal Ménage

Now out at Red Sage Publishing as part of the Three Kinds of Wicked ménage series.

Buy the ebook!


Renegade took three shuffling sidesteps along the outer wall until he reached the multi-paned window. As intimate murmurs reached his ears, he cautiously peered around the window’s frame.


A growl rumbled from deep in his chest at the sight that met his eyes. Rebel stood before the hearth enfolded in Trey’s embrace. He released the tie in her braid and lovingly combed his fingers through the shimmering tresses. The mass tumbled down her slim back, reaching her hips in a cascade of gilded platinum. Renegade swore under his breath, his gaze glued to the feminine, silky mass. He vividly remembered what it felt like to tangle his hands in the strands and to bury his nose in its thickness. Even now, he could almost smell the fresh scent of her while in the throes of lovemaking.


And it killed him to see another man taking that same liberty with his wife.


When Trey’s hand moved in a lover’s caress beneath her hair, Renegade’s heart picked up its pace, his pulse now thudding in his ears. He inched closer to the window, shocked by the voyeuristic hard-on that tented his jeans. Holding his breath, he leaned nearer to the glass for a better view. She still wore her usual button-down lad’s shirt and breeches. Trey reached up and slid the shirt from her shoulders. It dropped to the bearskin rug, leaving behind glimpses of milky white flesh and unmistakable curves. Renegade released a puff of air that briefly fogged the glass.


His eyes widened when she slid her pants over her hips and down her legs. She had been thinner on their wedding night, though still feminine and extremely desirable. Their wedding kiss had hinted at the woman beneath the lad’s costume, and his later prison fantasies had conjured up the tantalizing memory of her lean nakedness. Yet, somehow in his absence, she’d blossomed and become even more shapely than he recalled. Yes, he’d seen evidence of her lush womanhood in the saloon earlier this evening, but nothing could compare to the flesh-and-blood sight of her boyish shell being shed before his very eyes.


"Jesus," he swore beneath his breath, devouring her firm, sloped ass and the backs of creamy, toned thighs.


Trey didn’t waste time. His hands were there, cupping and massaging the twin globes of her rear, pulling them apart until Renegade got the most erotic view of her small puckered anus.


"Goddamn it, get your hands off my woman!" His voice rumbled across the river’s canyon.


But Rebel and Trey seemed not to hear him.


Even as he hungered to watch his wife blooming like a delicate flower before his eyes, he rapped his knuckles against the windowpane to halt the tantalizing sight. Tense, he started toward the door to end the maddening, seductive scene, but something stopped him. He didn’t know if it was the irresistible sight of Trey playing with her ass, or watching her climb up Trey’s big body like a starved kitten, but some warm, strong force held him rooted to that spot. While the two made love inside the warmth of Renegade’s home, they didn’t appear to notice him standing directly before the window gawking at them. It was as if he dreamed it all, as if he were a ghost unable to reach into the world of the vibrant living.


Wind whistled around the eaves, rustling Renegade’s hair and coat, but the chill couldn’t possibly cool the odd, heated mixture of fury and lust that thrummed through his blood and constricted every muscle in his body. He planted his palms on the cold glass, trembling from boots to crown as Trey disrobed. Trey’s body shone powerful and fit in the firelight, the flexed mass of muscles defined by the play of light and shadows. When Trey angled toward the window, Renegade saw a curious tattoo of oval links snaking up his left arm and crossing over to entwine around a heart on his chest. The marking made the man seem even more masculine. But Trey’s impressive, long cock poised in anticipation of passion achieved that undeniable quality far more.


Renegade’s own shaft went harder, the fabric of his pants tightening across his groin. He reached down and stroked himself to ease the heavy ache. Wicked images filled his head of Renegade and Trey ravishing Rebel together, steeping her in all-male attention and bringing her to the very brink of feminine sexual madness. Renegade had had his fill in the past of promiscuity and hedonistic pleasures. Still, the fantasy with Rebel and Trey shocked him. This was his one and only wife, yet the idea of immersing the tomboyish, innocent woman in that sort of carnal awakening proved so tempting that he could think of little else.


Now he watched the scene with a hunger for more, his temper banked by the heat of his rising ardor. It was with that yearning that Renegade hungrily watched Trey kneel naked before Rebel, coaxing her down before the fire in a tangle of limbs and passionate kisses. When she opened her legs wide for Trey, urging him to claim her, Renegade experienced a sudden popping release. Not to be left out, he bolted from the window and burst through the door, the ravenous wolf determined to join the wild pack in sin and carnal obsession.

Renegade & His Rebel now available at Red Sage  Publishing!


Read another excerpt

And another


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