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A Gypsy's Thief

Historical Erotic Romance Menage

Available from Ellora's Cave

Book 2 in the Thieves & Lovers series

The thief...
Though an accomplished bandit and sorcerer, John has learned one thing. In all his centuries of life, he's never been able to steal a woman's heart. Cursed with a "sword" large enough to send them running, he accepts his fate of living out eternity in loneliness. That is, until he meets the stunning Scottish Gypsy, Catriona. Her tortured eyes that match the old wizard Lorcan's Scorpian medallion stare back at Little John. Suddenly the roguish thief becomes the victim, his heart and soul stolen by a single kiss.

The gypsy...
Branded a witch, Catriona evades King James' attack at the Scottish border, fleeing to England.and finds herself captive to a devilish thief. She has heard the rumors of Robin Hood's outlaws, but she never expects to see—much less become—one. Snatched by Little John, she finds herself tangled in his web of eroticism right along with Robin and his wife, Lady Salena. But danger still lurks on the horizon, and nothing short of a miracle can prevent her from sacrificing the love and excitement she's found in order to save them all from a vicious king's wrath.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of foursomes including same-gender sexual exploration.

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"You! Get behind me at once!" he ordered of the fleeing suspect.

Too late. He had heard John's voice and apparently assumed him to be one of the pursuers, for he arced back toward the woods. A shower of arrows rained through the air, led by one from the silent ruler at the rear of the pack. The young man grunted and stumbled through the snow when one struck him at a hard angle. The shaft embedded in his right breast.

"Excellent! Go now and fetch the devil woman this instant and return her to the scheduled burnin'." The gloating knight in current charge whirled his mount. He made a show of reining in so that his Friesian reared up and pawed the chilly afternoon air with a neigh and a snort. "The commander and I will await ye all at MacLacklin Hall, in the name of the King of Scots. Off with ye! Make haste, I say!" And he shot back into the forest, he and the one John assumed to be the commander in plaid, racing away from the skirmish.

John heard the moaning and gurgling. The victim now hunched in the blood-dappled snow. He clutched his chest where the arrow's tip exited. John had not the faintest hint what this man—or rather, "witch"—had done to deserve this, but it was high time he put an end to this brutal madness. With the exception of expeditious travel through invisilation, rarely did he use his sorcerer's skill of speed. However, this dire situation called for drastic measures.

With lightning quickness, he loaded, released and reloaded arrow after arrow. The ungodly swish-and-snap tune proved far less astonishing than the rapidity at which he executed his weapons. His marksmanship and the velocity of his ammunition rivaled that of an entire deluge of the king's finest defenders. The iron-tipped spears met with implacable accuracy in each soldier's hand or shoulder. Howls and screams rent the crisp winter air. Blood spurted onto scraggly nags, dribbled down to soak the white earth.

"Go, every last one of you," he shouted as he set another arrow for fire. "Return to your king and deliver him a message, if you please. Tell your ruler I—a newly acquired, vengeful enemy—will do all I can to prevent such heinous witch-hunting practices. If this man dies, your king dies."

A collective gasp echoed in the meadow.

"Who may we say speaks such a treasonous vow?" The largest of the remaining warriors urged his mount forward.

"Though I am not of your country to be rightfully classified as traitor, I implore you to relay my name to your king. They call me Little John of none other than the League of Thieves."

Silence lingered. A falcon flew overhead letting out a sharp caw of warning.

"Ye be of the bandit Robin Hood's thieves? Nae, it cannot be."

John nodded, one eye and ear trained on the wounded man at his right. He continued to rock and moan with both hands fisted protectively around the arrow at his chest, guarding its movement with his frail life. John knew time was of the essence, that he needed to get these henchmen on their way soon or the poor man could die.

"Aye, one and the same. The dangerous, vengeful bandit who sees all, knows all, seeks revenge upon all those who cross him and who take unfair advantage of the less fortunate."

A moment of hushed fear and awe hung heavy in the air as the winds moaned through the woods. The fallen victim's gurgling breaths became shallow and rapid. They blended eerily with winter's blustery tune, a foreshadowing of death to come.

"We now depart," one scrawny knight announced with celerity and a shiver of misgiving. He waved a bloodied hand to the others and spun his mount around. "Men, without further delay, retreat, I say!"

"But what of the witch?"

"Leave her. Do ye not ken who this mon is? Do not be a fool!"

Alertness boiled deep in John's veins. He scanned the remaining men. Half of the soldiers hesitated, while the others turned and darted into the woods. John raised his loaded longbow and aimed at the skinny one who appeared to have regained his bravery and become their new leader.

"You have already been witness to my swift…talents," John drawled lazily. "It would take but one single second to bring each and every one of you down. And this time, I can guarantee I will not avoid your vital organs as I purposely did the first time."

He heard an agonized groan and darted a furtive glance at the "witch". The man toppled over at that very moment and flopped onto his side. The scarlet puddle beneath him slowly widened reminding John of red wine spilling onto a pristine white linen tablecloth. John heard the familiar wheezing tune of one struggling to breathe through a punctured, fluid-filled lung. His heart did a flip behind his breastbone. He had to get to the man before death overtook him or John's healing powers would be useless.

"The king shall hear of this, ye ken?" the soldier warned as he tugged his roan around.

"While I do not doubt that one small measure, I am counting on it. Now, begone with you all!" He released an arrow and sent it whizzing by the rider's head. The man ducked, but not soon enough, for he let out a yelp when it grazed his ear. John did not give the witch-hunters time to acclimate themselves to his offense. With precision born centuries ago, he showered the band of men with another round of arrows.

"Retreat, men!"

John persevered until every rider disappeared and the beat of hooves died down, fading into the thick forest. The only sounds left were the winter breeze whistling through the gnarled tree limbs and that of the gasping figure curled on the snow nearby.

John tossed his bow across his back and raced to the man's location. He now lay on his left side, the hood of his cloak covering his face. The iron tip, along with a hand's length of wooden arrow, exited at the right breast near the armpit where an alarming amount of blood soaked the cape and the snow below him. Yet John knew he still lived by the occasional puff of white breath and the gurgling respirations. But the young man did not appear to have much longer.

He knelt in the snow before the wounded man's chest, heedless of the cold and wetness permeating his braies. "Lad, you must hold very still while I remove the arrow."

The figure merely groaned followed by a racking cough. John saw blood trickle down the pale jaw, the only portion of the man's face visible under the sagging hood. Closing his eyes, he leaned forward over the limp figure. He wrapped his right hand around the portion protruding from the inside edge of the lad's right lower shoulder. Pressing his left hand against the man's back with the arrow jutting up between his fingers, he snapped off the excess length of the foreign object.

The young man screamed, his body twitched. More blood seeped forth and coated John's hands. He dredged up his powers of healing and forced the warm-cold medicinal energy to pour forth and penetrate the lad's back. Gradually, the blood trickled to a dribble, leaving a maroon splotch on the brown cloak.

"Easy, now. I'm going to roll you onto your back and pull the remainder of the arrow out. The cold of the snow will hopefully cease the blood flow temporarily and ease your pain."

A moan of protest gurgled through the restriction of the blood-filled throat.

"Man, I will not let you die. It must be done. Trust me. I will be able to complete your healing once the arrow is removed."

John knew he must hurry if the stranger had any chance at survival. Against wails of objection, he rolled him onto his back. The body flopped over with an agonized growl. John noted how the bulk of it felt much lighter than anticipated. It did not take long for an explanation to stare him right in the face.

"Lorcan alive! It is a woman."

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5/5 Angels and a Recommended Read!
"A Gypsy Thief is a very scorching hot book. The erotic scenes.will leave you fanning yourself and wanting more. I couldn't put the book down. John and Catriona were made for each other and as you read, you'll fall in love with both of them. Ms. Ladley has left this reader wanting more of her books. I can't wait until the next book comes out and Ms Ladley's books are a keeper for any reader. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and erotic. You will not be able to resist its pull!" ~ Moonluster for Fallen Angel Reviews


5/5 Stars!
"Titania Ladley has done it again! Many praises for her creative story and her talent for bringing characters alive off the pages. She has a way of emotionally connecting the reader to the story, it's characters and the time period it's written in. She has a writing style that isn't to be missed. The story itself grabs you and doesn't let go keeping you entertained from beginning to end. I couldn't quit turning pages until the end. I highly recommend this series and this book is a definite "do not miss." Highly recommended." ~ Tara for Euro-Reviews


5/5 Blue Ribbons!
"A GYPSY'S THIEF: THIEVES AND LOVERS by Titania Ladley is scorching hot. John and Catriona cannot keep their hands off each other and the erotic scenes between them will leave the reader sweating and squirming in their seats. Ms. Ladley has always left her readers wanting more in her books and each time she has delivered to them. I highly recommend this book for your shelf; however, be sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand to put out the fire. Also, Ms. Ladley is one of the featured authors on the Romance Junkies website." ~ Connie Spears for Romance Junkies

4.5/5 Hearts!
"The lush setting and engaging storyline will have the reader gasping as the twists and turns keep the reader on the edge of their seats! The passionate sex is, at times, very graphic and this does contain scenes of same sex and multiple partners... Ms. Ladley is a gifted storyteller that will capture the reader's attention from the first page to the last and leave them wanting more! With each page, be prepared to feel the high sexual tension between Cat and John and make sure the shower has enough cold water to douse the flames! A GYPSY'S THIEF is a fast-paced story that will keep the reader glued to the pages and mesmerize the reader with its intricate characters and intriguing storyline. Be prepared to pounce on your lover after reading A GYPSY'S THIEF. This reviewer is highly recommending this story as well as the first in this wonderful series for those who enjoy new twist on a well-known legend." ~ Dawn for Love Romances



4/5 Thieves!

“A delicious read filled with hot, hot, erotic sex that is guaranteed to make you tingle.”  ~ Debbie H. for gottawritenetwork.com


4/5 Stars!
"...extremely hot and definitely a turn on. Ladies, break out your toys for this one. The endorphins course through the body at obnoxious levels, making one thinks that their heart is going to burst. The characters were charismatic, especially Catriona. There was just something about the fire inside of Catriona that made me crave great happenings for her. Little John could provide those things. Not only was the man well endowed, he knew how to use his lance to bring forth a woman's screams. He was a robust character that caused me to laugh with him. Even the supporting cast in the novel was appealing. Salena was an open book and I received a clear understanding of her personality. However, I wished to know her husband better. That problem can be solved by purchasing the first book in this lovely series. If the writing in the first novel is half as well-done and suspenseful Thieves & Lovers Book 2: A Gypsy's Thief then I am breaking out my credit card. I truly enjoyed my time with Titania Ladley. She is an author worthy of your attention."  ~ Suni Farrar for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


4/5 Steaming Cups!
"What a fascinating take on the old myths of Robin Hood and his Merry Men! This is the second book in the Thieves and Lovers series. The first was the story of Falcon, aka Robin Hood, and his love. They figure prominently in this terrific book as well. There are a couple of smoking hot group sex scenes with all four of these enchanting characters that really blew my socks off. Ms. Ladley has hit upon a new extremely enthralling and satisfying way to tell an old tale. I highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone who loves swashbuckling tales of adventure and the paranormal."  ~ Susan White for Coffee Time Romance


"I loved this steamy book..." Cycosfireball, B&N



"Full of great twists and turns… Titania Ladley has created a very enjoyable, and highly erotic, Robin Hood series that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and begging for the next installment…and one of those readers begging for the next book will be me."  ~ Amelia for Joyfully Reviewed



"...really a flaming hot ménage that sizzles the fingers for sure!" ~ Indy for Joyfully Reviewed

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