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Aurora's Triangle

[This title is no longer available. Watch for a future re-release.]




As a scientist, Aurora's seen and done it all...until she discovers two frozen—not to mention hot!—vampires in the laboratory's underground facility.

Alone one late winter's night at a remote Greenland research center, scientist Aurora Seagress discovers two frozen bodies in an underground lab. Damn her luck, but it seems the cooling unit has malfunctioned and temperatures are rising-including hers. One look at the two handsome, thawing men and fate takes a new turn. The mysterious, well-chiseled hunks awaken and claim she's theirs. Aurora hasn't a clue who these arrogant men are, or why her boss has hidden them away, but what she really wants to know is.why is it they put her into a sexual fever she can't seem to cure?

Vampires Endre Boldizsar and Tabor Firenzka have finally been resurrected. After being captured and frozen twenty-five years ago by Aurora's boss, there can't be any better prize-or revenge-than the gorgeous scientist who finally answered their telepathic calls and freed them. But there's a much larger mission to fulfill. Aurora must help them thwart the professor's extinction experiment against their Vencelze vampire race.and she must unite with them in a triangle of lust and love before it's too late.

Warning, this title contains the following: Explicit sex, graphic vampire language, and ménage a trois love scenes.

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[This title is no longer available. Watch for a future re-release.]



Her pulse pounded and her eyes narrowed...watching, waiting, for what? For a corpse to come to life?

"Ridiculous." She chuckled uneasily. "Of course he didn't move. He's dead, you idiot."

Aurora let out a long breath and shook off the terror that threatened to choke her. To prove to herself she wasn't some skittish, brainless twit, she walked around the large table to study the other man. This time, she held her hands clasped behind her back while she bent over the ice and considered the second cadaver. He wasn't quite as muscle-bound as the other, but his long, lean body certainly appealed to her just as much. Sandy blond hair slightly longer than the other's framed a face she could only describe as beautiful. Thick brown eyebrows and lashes that fanned over sculpted cheeks were the first facial features that drew her attention.

"Let's see, I bet your eyes are blue. And the other guy." She shot a quick glance across the ice humps. "His are brown."

Pleased with the fantasy of two pairs of sultry male eyes gazing at her, she continued her perusal of Ice Man Number Two. He'd definitely taken care of his body just as much as Ice Man Number One. But where the first had a bodybuilder's physique, the second had more of an athlete's build, like a cross-country biker or a rock climber. She stepped to her right and took in the nicely formed, smooth chest, the flat abdomen and the narrow hips.

Unable to resist, she unclasped her hands and set them on the damp table next to the ice, leaning closer to get a more detailed look. Her gaze flitted lower. "Wow, would you look at—"

Aurora gasped, cutting off her own rambling comment when her hand brushed a cold, fleshy object. She felt something wrap around her wrist making her gaze jerk down the length of her right arm. The sensation of ice wound tight over her pulse point was confirmed to be a hand—the dead man's hand. She'd been so fascinated with his striking looks, she hadn't noticed the ice had melted around his lower arm leaving it completely exposed on the table's edge.

Her head swam with dizziness. The surrealism of the unexpected, frightening moment made her world wobble. Her wrist tingled like it might after an insect had dined on the tissue near her erratically beating pulse.

"Oh—oh, God." She swallowed audibly. Her heart leapt into her throat making it impossible to scream.

Before she could attempt to yank her wrist free and run, she heard the crack of splitting ice. Aurora's legs trembled, suddenly feeling like limp taffy. She fell to her knees at the slab's edge and a shriek of terror finally tore from her chest. Looking up, she watched, spellbound, as the man rose slowly to a sitting position, chunks of ice splattering around him. The broken pieces made a song of clinks and zings as they bounced and slid off the table and onto the concrete floor. All the while, he bent forward, his enormous hand remaining wrapped about her arm, steely firm and unbelievably strong—for a dead man.

Her knees seemed to be frozen to the floor. She gaped up at him for eons, mesmerized by his eyes. Finally, she snatched in a lungful of air and caught the subtle scent of man mixed with a perplexing tropical aroma. Emotions and fears all seemed to scatter as one thought echoed in her mind.

I was wrong about the eyes. They're not blue. They're shimmering golden brown...just like the fires of hell.

* * * * *

Endre Boldizsar gazed down into orbs the very color of violets. The striking irises were ringed by a thin green circle, like leaves framing purple blooms. Ah, and those pupils...damn, they were dilated like the eyes of a female Vencelze vampire in heat!

She didn't so much as blink, but instead, took on the expression of a human already enspelled by one of his nearly extinct Vencelze kin. He hadn't yet invaded her thoughts to perform such a spell, so the very sight of her free-willed response to him awakened long-buried sensations within his soul. To finally face her flesh-to-flesh did strange things to his insides. He took one quick downward sweep of her from head to knees, and it nearly made him shift into his falcon state of being and whisk her off to his home on Balitori Island. The honey-toned hair hung over a slim shoulder and draped across the large swell of one breast. It appeared to be drawn into a low ponytail at the nape of her appetizing neck. He could well imagine releasing the shimmering tresses and entangling his hands in the thickness as he took her with robust passion...as he sank his fangs into that smooth, blood-engorged nook above her collarbone.



5/5 Stars!

“Titania Ladley has a gift for writing hot ménage a trois love scenes that will make any reader wish he/she was a participant.” ~ Candy for Ecataromance Sensual


4.5/5 Stars!
"Aurora's Triangle is a vampire book unlike any I've read in a while. From the story's memorable opening scene to the very last page, I found myself drawn to this book. All three main characters proved to be likeable and easily empathetic. Ms. Ladley can't go wrong with her very hip and resourceful female scientist and two sexy Vencelze vampires who also happen to shape shift into falcons... There are a few surprises and some light bondage in a world of people that was new to me, especially these very different and fascinating vampire race that allows for some inventive and sizzling ménage sex. Aurora's Triangle was a thoroughly enjoyable story, and a fresh take on the vampire lore which ends on a very promising note." ~ Aggie Tsirikas for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


4.5/5 Hearts!

“Ms. Ladley pens a red hot story with plenty of sex. This story features ménage sex scenes in graphic terms…The ending left me wondering if Ms. Ladley plans to write future stories about these vampires of Balitori Island.”  ~ Lisa Freeman for The Romance Studio

"As always, Titania Ladley's ménage scenes are out of this world. She never fails to deliver sensual treats. Aurora's Triangle by Titania Ladley brings readers a new breed of vampires." ~ Tara Renee for TwoLipsReviews.com


4/5 Stars!

"The sparks flying between them will heat up the pages. The additional plot of saving the Vencelze race was a nice twist. Titania Ladley did a great job at bringing readers two heroes to pick between and making it an impossible task."  ~ Jessica for Fallen Angel Reviews

4/5 Stars!
"Titania Ladley does a great job giving readers everything they are looking for in this book. There is great pleasure in the sex scenes, the characters are well developed and the plot line is complete... Both Endre and Tabor are caring lovers, who explain their race as well as their plight to Aurora with both passion and tenderness. The sex between the three is bone meltingly tantalizing. Be warned there is anal sex in this novel. A great read for those interested in great sex and a look into a different kind of vampire." ~ Brigit Aine for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4/5 Nymphs!
"Aurora's Triangle is a fast moving and unique vampire tale. When Aurora inadvertently awakens two gorgeous vampires from a frozen sleep she finds herself joined to them in more than blood. Ms. Ladley has crafted a tantalizing world and filled it with her enchanting vampires. Readers will love their visit to Balitori Island, the paradise that these sexy vampires call home." ~ Water Nymph for Literary Nymphs Reviews

"I love a good book with a ménage relationship, and Titania Ladley's Aurora's Triangle had a great plot with some delicious twists. I enjoyed some very hot scenes with the threesome in this book, and was very intrigued by the vampire world the author created in this book. The premise is that good, as is Titania Ladley's skill. Her vampire mythos is so intriguing, it has potential to become a series." ~ Jennifer for CK2s Kwips and Kritiques

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