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A Wanton's Thief

Historical Erotic Romance Menage

Book 1 in the Thieves and Lovers series.

The thief...
Falcon Montague has been dubbed many things in his long, immortal life. Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, murderer, hero. But never had his soul been so deeply branded by a woman. On a late-night raid, he overhears the murder plot of the mistress of Wyngate Hall, the breathtaking beauty Lady Salena Tremayne. But after snatching her from her chambers to remove her to safety, Falcon soon finds Salena to be the thief. of his heart.

The wanton...
Lady Salena Tremayne has heard the rumors about the dangerous outlaw Robin Hood. Though it's said he steals from the rich to give to the poor, she isn't quite sure what her handsome captor intends to do with her. Kidnapped by the masked bandit, she finds herself woven into his web of eroticism in which she must guard her heart with her life. But her fight, she soon discovers, may be a futile one. Wielding erotic powers, Falcon and his cohort in crime, Little John, captivate her mind, body and soul.

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The next arrow hit dead center through Sheldon's raised hand. His screech of pain carried over the moan of the wind. Falcon heard Salena's wince and knew without looking that tears poured over her high cheekbones.

"Take what's left of your men and be gone, Tremayne," Falcon warned. "And take with you the comforting thought that my Merry Men are always accurate with their intended targets."

Sweat beaded over Sheldon's high forehead. He broke off the arrow and yanked the wooden length from his hand with a grunt. Blood spewed forth, dribbling over the white hide of his horse.

"You'll pay for this, Robin Hood. With your life."

"If only my immortal life were that fragile." Falcon mumbled to himself.

"Speak up, thief!" Sheldon roared, his horse prancing beneath his trembling body.

"I said, be gone with you—you and all your casualties. And I suggest you all tend to those wounds before fever sets in."

Little John and Beau sauntered forward, fresh arrows aimed square at Sheldon.

Sheldon eyed them, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he held his bleeding hand. His gaze moved to scan his injured excuse for an army. "So," he said to his men, "we ride now...but we'll soon be bringing reinforcements. And the lowly bandit will pay for his mistakes, for kidnapping Lady Salena and harming us all. That I promise with my life."

The unconscious one on the ground began to stir. He looked about, wincing when he touched the knot on his head and drew his hand back to find sticky blood upon his fingertips. "Master?"

"Get up! We ride. Locate your mount and return to the inn." With that, he spun his horse around and sailed through the woods. The two who still remained seated, followed leaving the small man alone on the ground. When they disappeared into the thick foliage, the serf dragged himself up from the wet earth.

"Y-you're...Robin Hood?" the man squeaked. His mousy-brown hair matched his dull brown eyes. The sallow face was one riddled with either illness or fear—Falcon wasn't sure which. He was dressed in the rags of a less-than-valued servant. And his bony frame spoke of one too many missed meals.

"Aye, the Prince of Thieves." Little John spoke before Falcon could reply. As he walked across the clearing, his massive, muscle-packed body moved with all the grace and agility of a man of Beau's thinner stature. John's midnight-black hair swung in long strands around his wide shoulders. "And you're mighty lucky his good, kind heart chose to spare your life and leave you with naught but an annoying lump upon your head."

At the compliment, Salena stiffened behind him, a squeal attempting to erupt from her throat.

Little John turned toward Falcon and stalked to Warrior's side. He looked up, his misty-blue eyes trained upon Salena. "It seems the beautiful lady disagrees with my description of you, Robin, eh?"

Falcon smiled tightly. "Why, I suppose I will let the lady tell you herself." He turned and snared her damning eyes with his own. "You may speak now, Lady Salena. And, as usual, you've permission to move your body as long as you don't attempt escape."

"Good?" she screeched, her gaze snapping down to lash out at John. "Kind-hearted?" Her unladylike snort accompanied tears. "Well, Mr. Whoever-the-hell-you-are-giant, I beg to differ. Try brute. Try thief of the king's coffers. Try amorous, conceited rogue, for the love of almighty God!"

"And for the lady," Falcon mumbled, "try thorny rosebud."

Beau and John both roared their agreement.

"Who are these men?" Her voice held an edge of fear with that of haughtiness.

"Ah, forgive my terrible manners. Beau, Little John, meet Lady Salena Tremayne, future Duchess of Oxford. Lady Salena, may I present Beauregard Fitzhugh, my highly trusted scout, and John Lawton—or Little John as he's known in these parts—my occasional bodyguard and...brother."

Her stare moved with contempt from Beau's boyish, pretty face to John's manly, handsome features that never failed to stop a lady's heart—and now was no exception, it seemed.

"Brother?" she hissed out, her lip curled in derision. "Ha! You're as different as night and day...with the exception of your thieving talents, apparently."

Little John removed his woodsman's hat and bowed graciously. "Madam. Pleased to make your breathtaking acquaintance." He straightened and set his hat back upon his head, taming the fluttering of his long billowing hair. Already, Falcon knew what was going through his friend's mind. And though it sent a stab of jealousy raging through his system, he could feel his body harden at the thought of what would come, as it always did with the two of them.

Salena made no indication of his overt charms affecting her. She narrowed her eyes and speared Falcon with the sharp emotion within them. "Please tell me these men will not be riding with us, Montague."

"Hmm." Falcon stroked his whiskered jaw. "I'm not too sure. Beau? John? Are you returning to camp or are you riding out on another skirmish?"

"I'd planned to venture into London to visit my ma," Beau said as he secured the bow across his back. "John and I just happened upon one another shortly before we heard the shouts."

John slung his longbow over his shoulder and crossed his thick arms over his chest. "And I was in pursuit of you, Robin—er, um, Falcon. It seems you've been delayed by a good night or so."

Falcon flicked a look at Salena. The tears were now dried on her cheeks. She sent him a scathing look, but did not reply.

"Well, the wench is the reason for my delay." As Falcon spoke, Warrior bent his head and began to chew on a lone patch of soggy, dead grass. A chilly breeze rustled his mane, carrying with it the aroma of the early morning rain mixed with soil...and her enticing scent.

"During the planned raid of her manor, I became witness to a murder plot...which included the lady here as the target."

John chuckled. "So you thought to rescue her from her dire demise."


"You're all fools if you believe such bloody lies from this thief!" Salena snarled.

Beau merely drew out a hunk of dried venison from his codpiece, tore off a strip for himself and offered the remainder to Falcon. He accepted, passing a portion to Salena. She stared at the food in her palm, seeming as dumfounded as if the spell remained upon her voice. But her eyes rose when John stepped up to Warrior so that his chest pressed against her right leg. He spoke with a calm note, though anger simmered in the depths of his sparkling eyes.

"My brother does not lie, nor is he a common thief, milady. I'd advise you to heed my words and remember them well."

"Brother, ha! I see you lie as well, giant. You're no more brothers than myself and this unfortunate serf here."

John's gaze never left her. "Kinship goes beyond blood, Lady Salena."

"Oh? How so?"

"You see, as brothers, we share everything. From the food offered now within your palm, to the fruits of our labors...to our women. 

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"...fantastic, sexy, and smart!!! I loved how you developed Robin Hood and placed an entirely new spin on a widely known character. Keep it up! EXCELLENT BOOK!!!" ~ Kerensa Wilson, reader

5/5 Angels!
"This is such a great story that is so well thought out! Ms. Ladley does a phenomenal job of combining the various Robin Hood legends into a seamless love story. As always, Ms. Ladley creates a cast of characters that come to life in a rich world. A Wanton's Thief is a delightful read with a strong man and a strong woman butting heads until they get what they need, not necessarily what they want. Again, this was a great read and I highly recommend it to all." ~ Serena for Fallen Angel Reviews

5/5 Steaming Cups!
"Ms. Ladley takes the Robin Hood legend in a whole new direction. The story has a generous amount of humor thrown into the mix. The sexual scenes are extremely hot. What woman would not want to be the filling in a sandwich between Robin Hood and Little John? I seriously hope this book is the beginning of a series. I would love to find out what happens to Little John now that Robin Hood has Salena." ~ Candy for Coffee Time Romance


5/5 Stars!
"A WANTON'S THIEF by Titania Ladley is a delicious tale of Robin Hood from a whole new perspective. The love scenes are alive with emotion and flaming hot sexual tension. Ms. Ladley has struck gold yet again with her unique ability to create rich, vibrant plots and intricate characters that leave the reader begging for her next offering. In fact, I would like to take a moment to beg her to write Little John's story soon! Thank you Ms. Ladley for allowing us to again enter the luscious world that resides in your mind." ~ Keely Skillman for eCataRomance Reviews


5/5 Stars!
"The writing style is beautiful. The use of a ménage was creative and one's feeling for the other two came across as genuine.it flows well and it is easy to get caught up in this wonderful book that I will read again!" ~ Anya Khan for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


5/5 Stars!
"Titania Ladley has added a most original spin to the old tale of Robin Hood... The attraction between Falcon and Salena is absolutely blistering as he sets out to woo her to his bed and his heart. The menage scenes are erotic and all that a reader could want. This is definitely a great start to what I hope will be a continuing saga as I am sure the readers will soon be clamoring for John's story. A Wanton's Thief is a worthy addition to any collection, a definite keeper that will be read again and again." ~ Raashema for Euro-Reviews


5 Stars!

"This is a very good book - interesting twist on 'Robin Hood'; I enjoyed it thoroughly. Very good read with good sex scenes. Can I borrow 'Little John'?" ~ Celeste H., Amazon



4.5/5 Hearts!
"Ms. Ladley is a gifted author that tells a tale that everyone knows but with a charming spin on it all, makes this reader wanting more when the last page is read. Now this reviewer is asking if John will find his mate and if kidnapping is going to be the norm!! Read A Wanton's Thief and find out what happens when the Prince of Thieves meets the Thief of Hearts!" ~ Dawn for Love Romances


4/5 Stars!
"Sensually alluring while being a great story, A WANTON'S THIEF is a story that fans of medieval times and paranormal stories will love, I certainly did." ~ Sheryl for eCataRomance Reviews


4/5 Unicorns!
"A paranormal twist to an old favorite, A Wanton's Thief gives us a delicious look at Falcon Montague, the immortal Robin Hood.tantalizing fairytale with an adult twist will have readers aching and squirming through every delightful tryst. I found that the ménage was carried out in such a sweet although hedonistic fashion that I was in total bliss when I realized it wouldn't be a onetime escapade. Good story for anyone wanting to read something to commence the juices to flowing." ~ Rachel for Enchanted In Romance


4/5 Blue Ribbons!
"Like many others, I have read and heard much about Robin Hood, and Titania Ladley offers up a wonderful new twist on an old tale. A WANTON'S THIEF offered me a wonderful escape from the ordinary and transported me into a world filled with adventure, the magic of love and merry men. I was easily caught up in Falcon and Salena's story and the intense scenes between them. This was the first of Ms. Ladley's books that I've read and I'll definitely be adding her works to my wishlist." ~ Xtal for Romance Junkies


"I loved this book.. The story flows nicely, and kept me reeled in to the end. Cold shower, anyone? M/M/F action." ~ Cycosfireball, B&N



"Great book! I will never think about Robin Hood or "Little" John the same again. Hot." tbar68, B&N



4/5 Stars!

"Sexy, fun read with a nice twist upon the Robin Hood legend... The hunky guys in the book are pretty drool worthy...:)" ~ CPS, Amazon



"A mischievous THIEF that is sure to steal the hearts of many, A WANTON'S THIEF by Titania Ladley should not be missed!" ~ Courtney Michelle for Romance Reviews Today


8/10 Stars!
"A Wanton's Thief was a great read. The characters were richly developed, and the adept way that Ms. Ladley incorporated paranormal elements to an age-old story was wonderful. I must admit that as a woman I have read more than one romance, but I had never come across Ms. Ladley prior to this novel. Rest assured, from this time forward, I will eagerly await each new release from this talented author." ~ Sue for Novelspot

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