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A Witch's Thief

Historical Erotic Romance Menage

Available from Ellora's Cave

Book 3 in the Thieves and Lovers series.


The witch…

Isobel’s magic and immortality are being held hostage by Falcon Montague (aka Robin Hood). Only if she persuades her imprisoned former lover, Lancelot Fridwulf, to return to Falcon’s employment will he reinstate her powers. But Lance has sworn off a life of crime. When Isobel makes conflicting pacts with several men she becomes entangled in her own web, for death will be her fate if her powers aren’t restored within a fortnight.


The thief…

Now that Lance has been released after a horrific year in a dank cell, he vows to become a law-abiding citizen. But he walks straight into the arms of the beautiful witch Isobel, who begs him to steal her bauble back from his old friend, Falcon. In exchange, she and Nikolai—both Lance’s former lovers—will enjoy a triad reunion of untold passion. Still, things are not as simple as they seem. Danger, debauchery and deceit are certain to put Lance back behind bars…this time for life.


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Chapter One

Sherwood Forest

Autumn, 1557

Pebbles crunched beneath the mare’s hooves, the sound breaching the eerie stillness of the night. An owl released a startled screech of protest. It rustled the leaves of a gnarly oak, took flight and soared across the full, ringed moon.

Isobel Fitzjames held a gasp captive within her throat. Her heart galloped in her chest and sweat pooled between her breasts. She had recently been stripped of her magic by that wily thief, Falcon Montague—or Robin Hood as those in English society referred to him with disgust. Aye, stripped of her magic, apart that is, from when she’s in Lancelot Fridwulf’s company. And damn it all to Hades, Lance most definitely was not present. Therefore to be devoid of her powers for the first time in hundreds of years gave her immense cause to worry, particularly tonight as she traveled unescorted.

She scanned the clearing and attempted without success to calm the hackles rising on the back of her perspiring neck. Where was that bastard, Vychan? Had the queen’s favored knight duped her after all? She gulped. Mayhap she had been lured into a trap?

"Good evening, milady." The ominous voice of the soldier rang familiar just as she prepared to dig her heels into her mount and flee.

She tightened her grip on the dagger held beneath her cape and whirled her mount around. "Vychan, is that you? Show your face at once or our agreement shall be annulled."

"Aye, Isobel, ’tis me." Vychan stepped out from behind a lofty pine, his mammoth frame unmistakable even by the dark of night’s gloom.

Isobel caught a glimpse of his steed’s silhouette behind him. The regally outfitted beast had been tethered near a stream. The narrow snake of water appeared visible only at intervals as the overhead tree limbs swayed in the midnight breeze and allowed spears of intermittent moonlight to glitter upon its surface. A thick ray of lunar light flashed to the left as a sudden gust of wind tossed branches and sent shadows scurrying. It was there in that fleeting moment that she learned he’d been lax in his judgment for she could not mistake the shimmer of his sword nor the bulk of his bow, both left behind and secured to the saddle.

Apparently he thought of her as no threat. Her mouth compressed. If she had possession of her powers, she could easily make him rue that assumption.

She eased out a quiet rush of air from her lungs. "I have the first half of the gold." She reached down and caressed the bulging bag of coins dangling from her saddle. The cool, heavy weight of it rested reassuringly against her thigh. It was her only hope of righting the wrongs done her hence she would not relinquish the remainder unless given tomorrow’s promised proof—the sight of Lance’s handsome face. "Let us get this bargain underway before your beloved queen changes the rules yet again."

Vychan sauntered toward her. Twigs snapped beneath his fine warrior’s boots. He halted his steps so near to her she could feel the heat rising from his armored body. She held her breath when his sweaty stench wafted up to smother her.

"Careful, milady, lest Her Highness catches wind of your words and misconstrues them to imply that you do not take her as your beloved queen."

She clenched her jaw and spoke through her teeth. "No one rules me, sir, whether ’tis Queen Mary or God above himself."

He trailed a finger down her leg. A disgusting gurgle of lust vibrated his knotted throat. "Were I to rule you, you would be begging for my…leadership."

She shivered, suppressing a wave of nausea and the instinct to kick him. "Get your filthy hand off me. I would rather die than allow your vile touch." Her fingers fondled the cool handle of her concealed weapon. The reflex overwhelmed her to whip out her dagger and slice his arm into ribbons.

Rein in your emotions, Isobel. That tempting action would only prevent you from ultimately reclaiming your magic and rescuing Lance from that hellhole.

Even in the dim twilight she could see that his scarred face screwed into a snarl. His beady eyes glowered up at her making her think of a rabid wolf. He licked his thin lips and scoffed, "Surely you jest. From what I understand, you prefer to be presided over by not one, but two men at once. And might I add there are many in Our Highness’s army who I could recruit for such luscious—"

She had the blade against his throat so swiftly it could have been by the blessed force of her magic. But Isobel knew better. That despicable bandit Montague was mostly to blame for her current vulnerabilities and lack of powers.

And by the Druid gods and goddesses, she would see that he paid whether her immortality became reinstated or nay.


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"Strong writing, passionate sex scenes and treachery abound within the pages of A WITCH’S THIEF...  a fast paced, sensual story that will keep the reader entertained... the next book in Ms. Ladley’s wonderful Thieves & Lovers series. With the return of your favorite characters from the first two books, A Gypsy Thief and A Wanton’s Thief, we get to see what happens with Lancelot as he finds himself back with the two lovers he has not forgotten... Some secondary characters keep the story moving along nicely and the return of Falcon and his partner, Little John, had me smiling in pleasure..." ~ Dawn, Love Romances and More


"I really didn't like Isobel... But as her dilemma was revealed, as well as her true feelings for both Lancelot and Nikolai, I started to root for her... This was a quick read with lots going on and plenty of sensual interaction. A good hour or so worth of entertainment." ~ Chris, Night Owl Reviews


"A Witch’s Thief is a satisfying foray into Titania Ladley’s land of Thieves and Lovers. The love shared by Lancelot, Isobel and Nikolai is beautifully written and the passion they share heats up the pages. Watching the three of them together really warmed my blood and tingled my senses. Fans of Ms. Ladley’s fantasy world will savor this trip into the magical world of Robin Hood." ~ Amelia, Joyfully Reviewed

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