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Bat Scratch Fever

Available from Ellora's Cave




From the moment Mikayla Eden spies the sexy red leather pants in a consignment shop, her life changes drastically. Oddly, they seem to bond her to mysterious and ruggedly handsome Drake VanMatre. That stormy night soon spirals into bloodthirsty madness when Drake's equally hot brother, Damon, also stakes claim to Mikayla. Before she knows it, she's got an infected scratch on her finger, pants that make her hornier than hell and déjà vu memories of both men. Add to that, tingling teeth, a fever and a yen to feast on human neck, and Mikalyla doesn't have time to referee and fall in love. Or to die—again!

Amidst all the bickering, Drake and Damon never thought to factor in the hell being planned by Lavrus, ruler of the doomed souls of the evil vampire Underworld. Now the brothers must unite soul, mind and body with Mikayla, or face eternal damnation. Because without correct and complete surrender to the irresistible triad they must form, not even the mystical powers of a certain magical potion can save the competitive vampire brothers and the woman they love.

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Mikayla studied the structure she could only describe as a creepy mansion outlined against the anger of the storm. Sudden fear overwhelmed her making her palms sweat and her pulse beat erratically. Bleeps of vague familiarity flashed in her mind, almost in time with the flickers of lightning. Its many wings and castle-like, stone erections brought to mind a typical haunted house on Halloween. She wondered if a black cat stalked the massive structure, if cobwebs and spiders ran rampant through lofty, drafty rooms. If ancient ghouls and goblins resided there.

"And vampires?" she whispered, thinking of Drake's costume in the strange fantasy dream she'd had earlier.

Just as she was about to cut the engine and get up the nerve to climb out of the dry warmth of her car, the tall gate swung slowly inward.

"I know, I know. You're telling me to come in." She gripped the steering wheel and held down the brake with her foot. "But do I dare cross into your dark world, Drake VanMatre?"

A light blinked on a little box set on a post just past the entrance. She pulled forward more out of curiosity than anything. "A speaker system. Not so gothic, creepy and historical after all, huh?"

Mikayla pressed the button on her door and waited for the whirring sound to subside as the window lowered. Leaning out into the pouring, cold rain, she engaged the "talk" button.

"Hello? Drake? I don't know why, but I'm here. So now what?" She released the button waiting for a reply, half expecting a sinister silence to prove her insane.

"Hello, Mikayla." His voice reached out through the chill of the air and wrapped around her like oven-warmed velvet. Despite the heat of it, she shivered as he continued. "Welcome home. I thought you'd never get here."

She jammed the speaker button in, perplexed by the anger that swiftly assailed her. "Home? What—" Mikayla paused, took a deep calming breath. "What do you want from me? And why in hell have you given me these evil, tempting pants and forced me to your house?"

He chuckled and the sound came out balmy and sexual all at once. It eased into her ears and slithered down to stroke her womb with expert precision. "Evil? But my sweet Mikayla, how can pants that have already brought you such ecstasy be so evil?"

"What...what do you mean?"

"Must I explain something you already know? I watched just this evening as the pants enticed you. You pleasured yourself...and it certainly brought me pleasure in the process."

"No! That can't be. I—"

"You saw me hovering there above you, didn't you, babe?"

"I'm not your babe. And yes, I saw you, but that was just my imagination, just an illusion."

A long, throaty moan eased out of the box and into her ears. "Ah, imagining me watching you play with yourself. Now that's a fantasy, whether real or imagined, that makes me completely rock-hard."

His words—and that sexy moan—had the effect of the actual act of touching her. She closed her eyes unable to get the sensual, deep timbre of his tone out of her head. What had she done coming all the way across town late at night by herself to a spooky, segregated mansion? She was liable to get herself raped if she didn't get the hell of here this instant.

Mikayla finally found her logic and said, "That's it. Forget it. I'm outa here." And she jerked the gearshift into reverse.

"Uh-uh. I wouldn't do that. The gate is—"

She stomped on the gas and reveled in the joy of freedom of flight. But not for long. Her scream rent the night air when the trunk of her car crashed into the gate."

"Closed," he sighed, finishing his statement.

"You son of a bitch!"

"I'm not a—"

"You caged me in without my consent!" She shoved open the door and leaped from the car, her pulse pounding at the trapped sensation that crept over her nerves. The fact that he could still hear her even when she no longer pressed the "talk" button registered vaguely in the back of her mind. "Open the damn gate. Open it now."

Mikayla let out another scream when a bolt of lightning speared down out of the dark clouds and struck the speaker box. Smoke plumed up and she coughed as the acrid scent wafted over to assault her. Rain now fell in buckets soaking her skin everywhere on her body except beneath the protective leather of the pants. She glanced up at the gate, scanned the endless length of tall fence as far as the eye could see in the storm.

Turning, she gripped the iron bars and shook them, but they didn't budge. "Let me out of here!" she growled, throwing her head back and shouting into the storm.

Come to me, Mikayla. Turn around, follow the walk and climb the front stairs.

Fire and an aching need she could not ignore suddenly shot through her system, shocking the spot between her legs. The pure voltage of it made her wonder if she'd been struck down by lightning just like the speaker box. She turned steady but hesitant, letting go of the cold bars. In her mind she knew, despite the anger at being held captive, she wanted to go to him. In spite of the spine-chilling atmosphere and unexplained phenomenon that had occurred since meeting Drake VanMatre hours ago, she was lost, a real pathetic goner.

But why?

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5/5 Blue Ribbons!
BAT SCRATCH FEVER by Titania Ladley is very sensual, extremely mesmerizing and spicy! .The scenes will make you squirm and sweat in your chair. Titania Ladley is an awesome author and BAT SCRATCH FEVER is a definite keeper. Her books are the kind that you will never put down until you've read it all the way through. I highly recommend this book, rush right and pick up your copy of BAT SCRATCH FEVER, now!" ~ Connie Spears for Romance Junkies


5/5 Angels!
"Bat Scratch Fever is an amazing amalgamation of reincarnation, vampires, and voyeurism. Titania Ladley has created a whole new breed of vampires and boy, are they yummy!" ~ Serena for Fallen Angel Reviews

5/5 Stars!
"Titania Ladley creates a story of star-crossed lovers. The sex scenes are extremely hot. Readers will be squirming in their seats as they turn the pages of this book. I enjoyed the fact that these vampires are different from the creatures of the night normally found in books of this genre. I hope Ms. Ladley will visit these vampires again in future stories." ~ Candy for Ecataromance.com

4.5/5 Hearts!
"Bat Scratch Fever is a sexy, hot read that I am sure readers will enjoy. The novel is jam-packed with red-hot lust, betrayal, sorrow and passion. I was instantly enticed into this juicy plot. The heat that sparked between Mikayla, Drake and Damon was blazing hot and extremely explosive. Readers, be warned that Bat Scratch Fever does contain a ménage scene that is sure to leave you breathless with strong, intense desire. Enjoy!" ~ Contessa for The Romance Studio

4/5 Stars!
"The story line is a page turner... The sexual content is very hot and kinky. This is one ménage story that will have me reading it again." ~ K.D. Kinkz for Erotic-Escapades.com

4/5 Stars!
"Bat Scratch Fever is a great story of hot sex, witty dialogue and beautiful characters that had me wish the story never ended." ~ Ann Lee for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


4/5 Kisses!
".Bat Scratch Fever is a great read. Titania Ladley has a talent for writing compelling characters. The last scene is every woman's fantasy. I loved how this story shows a love that refused to die." ~ Stacey Brutger for Romance Divas

4/5 Hearts!
Wow is all this reviewer can say after reading Bat Scratch Fever. This is truly one of Ms. Ladley's best books to date and is hotter than hot!!!" ~ Dawn for Love Romances


"there are plenty of erotic moments in this book and some of them such that fans of ménage a trios will be intrigued by (... I’ll never look at a banana split the same way again)…" ~ Sarai for Bitten By Books

"If the title alone isn't enough to stir your interest, trust me, BAT SCRATCH FEVER left me with a fever of my own. Whew! ....With a snappy pace, witty dialogue, and plenty of titillating scenes, BAT SCRATCH FEVER should not be missed!" ~ Courtney Michelle for Romance Reviews Today

"Ms. Ladley is a terrifically talented author who has given readers yet another exciting and enthralling book that is sure to warm up many a cold winter's night." ~ Susan White for Coffee Time Romance

"There is a sort of tongue-in-cheek quality to Bat Scratch Fever. Ms. Ladley also maintains a sense of urgency and drama throughout the story. The love scenes between Mikayla and Drake and then Damon are very arousing. The reader will find battery operated devices or a significant other advisable when reading these juicy love scenes. Bat Scratch Fever is sensual vampire tale with elements of humor that add to the enjoyment of it." ~ Kirra Pierce for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Bat Scratch Fever by Titania Ladley was an enjoyable read. The love triangle between Mikayla, Drake, and Damon was very hot. Mikayla is a strong character." ~ Delia for Joyfully Reviewed

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