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Curse of the Black Widow

Available from Ellora's Cave




The Chameleons return!

 With color-changing eyes, an insatiable sex drive, light bulbs blowing and three husbands now dead, Olivia Templeton's     finally had it. Under suspicion by the police, she's been labeled Black Widow Templeton. Seeking out paranormal expert Dr. Seth Hayden, Olivia isn't sure if the handsome scientist with the magic hands is her savior or a scoundrel.

As owner of Paranormal Investigations Unlimited, Seth has seen his share of unexplained phenomena. Still, he's fascinated by the strange events surrounding Olivia. With her mesmerizing eyes, a spectral energy field encircling her lush body and a ravenous need for sex, he's certain she's put him under a spell. He sets out to prove if she could be one of the Chameleon witches rumored to be living in the Salem, Massachusetts, area.

But someone—or something—is determined to see the truth about Olivia dead and buried with them both. Whether it's a curse or just mumbo-jumbo, Seth will unearth the facts even if it means he must sacrifice his reputation—and his life—for the stunning witch.


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[COTBW is the sequel to Spell of the Chameleon although it can be read as a standalone.]

“Good night, Dr. Hayden. No need to get up. I’ll see myself out.” Olivia spun on the spikes of her heels—God, she despised wearing these things!—and started for the door. Her footsteps changed from muted to sharp as her shoes hit hardwood in the airy entryway.

With his feet bare, she didn’t hear his approach. But she felt the power in his grip as he snatched her arm halting her flight, and whirled her back around. She crashed into the wall of his chest. The swirl of dark emotions she’d just experienced quickly faded into desire. Her eyes started to tingle in preparation for the morphing of her moods.

“You say you’re addicted to sex, huh?” She gasped when he dragged her up and slammed her pussy against his cock, now granite-hard. One arm hooked tightly around her waist while his free hand cupped her bottom, grinding their sexes together. Her strappy shoes felt heavy around her ankles as he held her up off the floor. “Now we’re getting somewhere. That I think I can help you with. Tonight.”

She planted her palms against the firmness of pectorals. The deodorant-soap, clean smell of his warm flesh filled her lungs making her dizzy. Her irises changed from that blend of pale blue sadness and red ire, to the unmistakable heat of bright azure passion. The craving for sex raged inside her, boiling like a cauldron deep in her womb. Whether this man was a jerk or not, she yearned to couple with him, otherwise she’d become feverish, pale and weak, thrashing in her bed tonight.

“Y-yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m addicted to sex. I already told you, it’s like an animal’s disease, a thirst or hunger I must feed daily. But I warn you it’s not your ordinary nymphomaniac condition, Doctor. I feel it in my soul, as if there’s something…different about me.”

“Mmm, you’re different all right,” he mumbled, and through the dark shade of her glasses, she watched as his eyes glittered with yearning.

Her world skidded to a halt when he captured her mouth in a voracious kiss. It seemed fireworks exploded in her head sizzling a trail down into her nipples and cunt. His tongue swiped into the cavern of her mouth and ravished every inch. He was breathing hard, dragging in her air, giving her bursts of his own. She tasted mint and wet-hot desire in his kiss. Her canal ached, dripping with cream as she slid her hands up his neck and into the damp thickness of his hair. Olivia tilted her hips closer, moaning, reaching for that much-needed release that had had her on edge all day.

No doubt he knew what she sought. Letting go of her waist, he slid his hands farther down, never taking his mouth from hers. He curled his grip under her thighs and her skirt bunched around her pelvis when he hitched her up, guiding her to wrap her legs around his waist. Her heels clicked together behind him. The position gave her instant gratification as the tip of his erection probed against the fabric of his robe, forcing her silk panties to become soaked by her honey.

“Olivia…Black Widow or not, I’ve got to admit I want to fuck you. Damn bad.” He murmured it against her mouth, his tongue tracing a hot circular trail around her lips.

“Help me, help me please,” she pleaded, knowing she must get a commitment out of him first before allowing him to sink his cock into her. “I want you—my body needs you like crazy,” she rasped, combing her fingers through his soft hair. “But I also need your help in finding out what’s wrong with me. Please…”

Olivia held tightly to his neck and levered her pussy up and down the length of his manhood, forcing a growl from him. Intense unbearable pleasure washed over her. Still, it irked her to have to beg and seduce, but what choice did she have? Conceited though he was, she needed him to investigate this strange energy surrounding her, and she must have sex or face illness tonight. A bland thought entered her mind. She supposed she could forgo it and use her less energizing vibrator—if and only if she had to.

Ah, but she didn’t have to if he was willing.

“God, I could come just like this,” he groaned, burying his face in the hollow of her neck.

She shivered as he nuzzled the spot where her pulse beat wildly, and she heard him draw in a delicious inhalation that could only mean surrender. Her eyelids went heavy, closing when his hands dug under her skirt and panties. He found the bare cheeks of her ass, kneading and pawing, pulling her anus and labia apart.

“Seth, please,” she whispered. “Will you? Will you please take the job?” She could hardly talk. The scorching brand of his lips against her flesh, coupled with his hot hands and stiff rod grinding over her clitoris, were enough to render her speechless.

“Yeah, yeah, I think I might.” He nudged her blouse over with his nose and rooted until he found the top swell of one breast. Seth nipped her skin between his teeth, sucking and flicking his tongue in such a fashion, she truly thought bliss loomed only one grind of the cock away.

“Oh thank God.”

“But only under one condition.”

Olivia stiffened, not liking that tone. “What…what would that be?”

He raised his head and looked intently at the glasses, his gaze somehow locking with hers through the dark thickness of them. “That you take the shades and wig off.”

“Take them off?”

He nodded a slow and ominous yes.

Olivia’s stomach leaped with raw nerves. She’d been with lots of men since the Black Widow Investigation had begun, fueling up her soul and feeding her addiction. But not once had she taken the wig and glasses off. She could have worn her contact lenses to at least hide her eyes, but the idea was to conceal her entire identity, so she’d had her flings while in full costume.

However, in this situation she wondered again, what choice did she have?

“You promise no pictures surrendered to the media?”

“I promise.”

“No verbal descriptions or data handed over to anyone who could reveal my identity?”

“None. Not one word, not one report, no name or descriptions.”

“Why so suddenly accommodating then? What’s in it for you?”

He smiled and the corners of his eyes crinkled adorably. “That wet and wild thing currently soaking my cock.”

For a long moment she stared at his crazed expression through the shaded lenses. Finally Olivia took the leap. She raised her hand reaching for the wig and prayed she wasn’t making the mistake of a lifetime.


Now available at Ellora's Cave!


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5/5 Angels and a RECOMMENDED READ!

"…Curse of the Black Widow is a really hot read. Titania Ladley has written a book that will keep readers reading till the very end. The characters will keep you guessing until the end. The passion between her characters is so intense that you can feel the heat and sexual tension while you are reading The Curse of the Black Widow. Ms. Ladley you have done it once again with this fantastic story. I truly enjoyed The Curse of the Black Widow and I would recommend this story to all the readers out there looking for a phenomenal read. I cannot wait to see what she will come up with next."  ~ Sonya for Fallen Angel Reviews


5/5 Blue Ribbons!

"Titania Ladley has done it again! CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW is a readers dream come true. Not only is it red hot with chemistry between her characters, but this novel has a plot that will keep readers guessing. I LOVED this book! I couldn't put it down. I recommend it to any and all readers looking for their next keeper book and am thrilled to give it a five blue ribbon rating."  ~ Kerensa for Romance Junkies


"Curse of the Black Widow kept me hanging on the edge of my seat with great anticipation from start to finish.  There were so many twists and turns that piqued my interest so much, I just had to keep reading until all the secrets unfolded.  Seth and Olivia were a dynamic couple full of passion and compassion.  Their non-stop sexual encounters made me blush and left me breathless with great desire... I found Curse of the Black Widow to be a thrilling, erotic read that I am sure paranormal fans will enjoy diving into." ~ Nikita Steele for Joyfully Reviewed


"Curse of the Black Widow is an engaging mystery as well as an erotic romance.  Complex plot lines, rich characters and magical sex scenes make this a fast-paced read you won't want to put down.  Olivia is desperate and driven; you want to find out what is going on as much as she does.  Seth is skeptical at first but comes to realize that Livvy is innocent and wants to help her prove it.  Livvy, and the electrifying events that surround her, also fascinate him.  Both are charming and appealing leads.  There are some terrific secondary characters and the final conclusion to the mystery is riveting!  The sex scenes are hot, exciting and contain oral, vanilla and public scenes with a sprinkling of magic.  Ms. Ladley does an awesome job of setting the scenes, building the suspense and delivering an exhilarating conclusion.  I had fun reading this tale and I highly recommend it!"  ~ Sandy Potterton for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


“…light and fun, with lots of sexy undercurrents, and in the end you will want more of the Black Widow.” ~ Aris for Alternative-Read.com


"A strong and intriguing story. The way Titania Ladley created this wonderful storyline just blew me away. I loved the way she developed Olivia in this story, making her "The Black Widow" was just great... This is a strong and intriguing story, and had me enthralled until the last page." ~ Nicole Harvey for ParaNormalRomance.org


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