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Fires Within

An Historical Ménage Paranormal Erotica
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Greek princess Katja McNeal burns for her pirate husband, Rafe, and though they sleep side by side, night after sultry night, they're worlds apart. Legend has it the fountain in their Caribbean island village is magical, and to realize dreams, one need only toss a coin into the pool and whisper a wish to the stone god, Warlun, who oversees the fountain. But after wishing for her husband to find her desirous once again, what Katja doesn't realize is, Rafe has also made a wish to Warlun. Yet Rafe's secret is so shocking, so deliciously depraved, that the fires within Katja can only do one of two things:  Extinguish and tear their marriage apart, or burn so hot and carnal, it brands them together as one.

Now available at Red Sage Publishing!

Reader Advisory: This book contains hot scenes of m/f/m sex, as well as m/f and m/m/f that could cause your Fires Within to explode.

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It had been a foolish wish. Katja lay abed that night staring up at the ceiling with Rafe’s body heat enveloping her and his even breathing filling the quiet space of the room. She supposed she could have wished for his undying love, but frankly, she had moved beyond that long ago. Instead, she could easily initiate a steamy affair with any number of suitors on the island, especially when Rafe embarked on one of his long voyages. Katja could get all the "love" she wanted, but when it came right down to it, more than anything in this world, she wanted her husband’s hands on her.

Not a divorce.

She sighed aloud.

Nay, she yearned to see the return of that gleam of lust in his mysterious blue eyes. She longed to be the object of his rabid, sexual urges, to lay spread beneath him as he pounded into her depths and brought her to paradise and back.

Oh, God, if only….

Katja suppressed a strangled cry as flames suddenly ignited in her loins.

But she ignored the sensations and instead remembered her nervous wish that dawn at the fountain. Her eyebrows dipped and her eyes narrowed. What had she to lose? Happiness? Love? Sexual fulfillment? She snorted. Ha. She had none of those things, and all of them to gain if only the legend proved true.

And yet he slept, peacefully curled on his side, beside her.

Who in hell cared anymore? She did not. She just wanted a man! Preferably her Rafe, but she wasn’t holding her breath any longer. Mayhap it was her strong Greek heritage making her so very shameless in her needs?

But it made no difference anymore—nothing else in this world mattered. She simply burned for sexual satisfaction, burned for him. Always she would burn for Rafe.

It was not a vague, easily dismissed ache, but a relentless, smoldering blaze deep in her womb. She couldn’t help letting her gaze glide over to fall upon him. In the dim twilight, her hungry eyes traced his well-muscled back. She devoured the outline of one strong arm resting atop his side, the firm buttocks just barely discernible beneath the white linen sheet, and the wide shoulder framed against the night sky by the window of their luxurious master suite.

"My Rafe," she whispered in the still room. "What has happened to us?"

She pressed her fist against her teeth, vividly recalling the sensation of her husband’s taut muscles—made so by the rigors of pirating—bunching beneath her fingertips. Katja could almost feel the wicked pleasure of scraping her nails down his smooth back as an orgasm ripped through her center. She bit down on her hand to keep from reaching out and waking him. Dull pain throbbed in her knuckle.

But still the relentless need drove her. Katja stretched her arm out, fingers splayed, hand trembling. It was an enormous bed fit for a king, for a wealthy ship’s captain and his wife of three years, the mistress of his fine manor.

However, the bed had one flaw. It allowed huge distances between them.

Always, there seemed to be a distance.


Unless her wish had already been granted without her knowing it? Her pulse quickened and her clitoris swelled in anticipation. True, it was a foolish notion to entertain, and yet—her palm hovered above his bicep—there was only one way to find out.

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5/5 Angels!

"The Fires Within burns hot and heavy in this story. A wonderful mixture of lust and love with a large dose of added spice. Katja's desperation in her quest for the passion of Rafe is deeply moving. The interaction of the characters was intensely delicious. The addition of another man into the mix takes the heat factor to new heights. The sexual encounters are blazingly hot and sensual. Ms. Blaze has told a great story and I cannot wait to read more by this talented author." ~ Dawnie for Fallen Angel Reviews



5/5 Blue Ribbons!

"Roxana Blaze's THE FIRES WITHIN is an intimate portrait of a couple striving to reignite the passion they once shared together. With her incredible skill for making characters come alive the page, THE FIRES WITHIN is certain to stir every reader's heart. THE FIRES WITHIN secures Ms.Blaze's place as a true master of erotic romance and earns her a five blue ribbon rating! ~ Kerensa Wilson for Romance Junkies



"Roxana Blaze is explicit with detail as the steamy love scenes explode on the page. It keeps the reader turning the page thinking that it can’t get hotter than this but it does. Her attention to every detail is captivating. Although some of the phrases used do not originate in the 1700’s, they actually make the book even more entertaining. This is a quick read but probably not one you will forget soon. I would recommend this book only if you are ready for a heightened sexual experience."  ~ Jenie P. for Manic Reader



4/5 Stars!

"Roxana Blaze weaves a short tale packed with erotic romance. The intimate scenes in Fires Within are very descriptive. Blaze...allows readers to peek into a male, male, female relationship."  ~ Anne Boling for



"FIRES WITHIN proves the old saying be careful what you wish for.  A wish on a magical fountain gets Katja more than she bargained for, but everything she wants in this sexy short story."  ~ Jennifer Bishop for



"...interesting and fun to read. The sex scenes are numerous...  the book is an excellent little read for someone looking for a book that centers on a relationship." ~ Heather Nestorick for Just Erotic Romance Reviews



"This short yet sexually gratifying story is quite a nice fantasy... The ménage a trios Rafe and Katja have with Warlun is very erotic and sexy. Plus the way things end between the three may surprise you. Roxana Blaze’s FIRES WITHIN smolders with an incredible passion between a husband and wife underneath the hot Caribbean sun. For a fast yet pleasing read, I recommend this hot romance with an interesting twist." ~ Katie for Romance Junkies



4/5 Enchantments!

"Have you ever made a wish at a fountain with the hope that it would come true?  ...creatively written, and those who enjoy a M/M/F menage would enjoy this story." ~ Desiree Douglas for Enchanting Reviews


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