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Heads Or Tails

by Titania Ladley

Genre: Contemporary two-part book - one half gay, the other lesbian

Available from Ellora's Cave

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At fate's toss of a coin, everything changes for innkeepers Clifford and Molly Garrett. Are they both really gay, or was it a horrible mistake to divorce?

Left behind to man the B&B, Cliff is instantly attracted when a dark and mysterious hitchhiker arrives at the inn. Between the furtive glances Manny Valentino shoots over his burly shoulders, the pistol hidden in his biker vest and the impressive "gun" nestled inside his ragged jeans, Cliff's not sure if he's got himself a dangerous drifter...or the answer to his libido's prayers.

Taking her turn managing the inn while Cliff's away, Molly's pleasantly stunned by an Amish woman who comes seeking shelter. But gorgeous Gwenyth Freemont isn't looking for a vacation destination. Tracked by her abusive husband, Gwen runs like hell right into Molly's welcoming embrace...and into her heart and soul.

Reader Advisory: Though Heads Or Tails is the story of a divorced couple exploring their suspected gay sexualities, it is possible to read just the m/m half, or just the f/f half (along with the conclusion section), and still enjoy this unique gay/lesbian story to its fullest.

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Cliff drew himself back to the stark present. The recessed light over the shower stall streamed down, bathing Manny in a soft silver glow. Each and every swell and undulation of muscle shone clear and well defined by the light.

Cliff felt his mouth go dry. He let himself take a quick inspection of the rippled abs, the wide, brawny shoulders and the powerfully corded legs made for thrusting. The chest was covered with just the right amount of dark curls. Rosy nipples, taut and erect, pushed their way through the array of hair. He tried to imagine what it might feel like to run his fingers through the soft fur. It made his hands clench into fists. Cliff's body went rigid and his vision blurred. He drew off his glasses, set them on the sink and rubbed his eyes.

"Sorry, you startled me. I didn't know you were in the shower, and I didn't hear the water running either." Why did he sound so defensive? It was his home. And after all, he'd done nothing wrong.

"Sorry back. I didn't know you were in the middle of brushing your teeth. I'd just stepped in the tub when I realized I forgot my washcloth. Um, can you put your eyeballs back in your head and hand me one?"

"Yes, I—sure." Glancing away, Cliff turned toward the small linen closet and located a washcloth. He curled his hand around the fluffy terrycloth. Now just walk on over there real nonchalant like, hand it to him and walk away, you stupid idiot.

He spun back around. Cliff heard the water blast from the faucet. A click sounded when Manny pulled the knob and the rush of water spraying from the shower filled the small room. He heard a guttural sigh, an animal sound of bliss that made Cliff's heart stutter and his groin quicken. The spatter of water against tile became a seductive, irresistible tune in the room that drew him closer.

One step. Gulp. Two steps. Gulp. It seemed the bathroom became one of those never-ending hallways seen in horror movies. Manny was that unattainable goal at the very end looming just out of reach no matter how many strides Cliff took. He scolded himself for being so dramatic and continued his trek. Three, four, five.

An eternity passed before he got close enough to clearly view the intricate floral design in the curtain. There was the flip of the shampoo bottle, the squirting of it onto a palm. Through the light-colored vinyl, he could just barely make out the outline of Manny's body as he raised his thick arms and started to scrub his head. Cliff's pulse pounded in his ears. He groaned when that spot deep inside his loins started to throb. His legs trembled as he stood there on the opposite side of the curtain and clutched the washcloth.

Clearing his throat, he croaked, "H-here you go...buddy." Buddy? Why the fuck did you call him buddy, for christssake?

Manny slid the curtain over just far enough to peer out at Cliff. Steam wafted up, its foggy clouds curling in wisps between them. Cliff could already smell the scent of his own shampoo. Manny's hair was bubbly and slicked back from his face, and Cliff wondered how it was that he could look even more handsome waterlogged than he had the first time he'd laid eyes on this transient stranger in the saloon. It seemed he strangled on his own desire, and he thought he'd truly choke on the steam if something didn't happen soon...or if his damn legs didn't carry his stubborn body out of here before he did something really stupid.

He couldn't quit panting, couldn't stop staring as the water sluiced down and followed the tight curves of muscle and flat planes of fit abs. He forced himself to ignore that beautiful body for he feared if he indulged in one more glance, he'd do something rash and make a total fool of himself.

"Thanks." For the longest time, Manny just stood there staring down at Cliff. Strange emotions swirled in the unusual-colored eyes. Finally, he snatched the washcloth and shoved the curtain back into place.

"Y-you're welcome," he murmured. An odd jumble of relief and disappointment assailed Cliff.

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"It was fantastic, a must read. It combined all the elements that I've come to love in a book. Romance, sex and suspense. It's one of those you have to read in one setting and you definitely need something cold to either sit in or drink while you're reading it. The characters are real, their lives are real and the visuals are amazingly vivid."  ~ Author Madyson Hunter


4.5/5 Stars!

"The sexual scenes throughout the book are hot and tender at the same time. I enjoyed this book of unique gay/lesbian relationships." ~ Candy for Ecataromance Sensual



"A fun twist to gay erotica...the sex scenes were vivid and erotic." cam0a, Amazon



4/5 Stars!

“The sex leaves little to the imagination and is graphic yet tasteful…steamy…so hot that you’ll need a cold shower to cool down after reading it!  ...a very well-written story of sexual discovery and experimentation, and reminded me that love can be found even in the most unusual and unexpected of places.” ~ Lucia Nelson for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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