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20th Century Gay Paranormal Erotica

Second in the Nighthawk series following BREATHLESS
Now available at
Ellora's Cave




On the run following his recent escape from Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany during WWII, Raoul Fortier, a political French Resistance Fighter, is now possessed by Nighthawk's spirit. When Nighthawk encounters armed hot and handsome Kilian Rheinfeld in the Jura Mountains near the Swiss border, he at first thinks he's walked into a German trap and gotten Raoul caught. But instead, lust and love bloom between the two men who realize they were lovers in another lifetime. But there's more to Kilian than meets the eye, and danger lurks ahead yet again in the form of bittersweet, heartless karma.

Now available at Ellora's Cave!

 Reader Advisory: Warning, this book contains hot scenes of m/m sex, so hot your pulse will race until you're...well, HEARTLESS.

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They tumbled into the tent, mouths sealed, limbs entangled. Kilianís eyes stung with tears, not of sadness but of sheer relief and joy. There was the sort of emotions that the welcome demise of his recent celibacy could emit, but this was more of a coming-home sensation, one where long-lost, separated lovers were finally reunited.


Only theyíd never been lovers beforeóhad they? Whatever the case might be, the strong familiar feelings were there simmering in his heart and threatening to erupt.


"God, you sucked my cock so well," he growled against Raoulís wet mouth. His flavor was meaty and his kiss eager, hungry. "After that expert blowjob, Iím as hard as stone, ready to get inside you and explode."


Raoul pulled back, the blue pools of his eyes glowing in the dimness of the tent. His hand was tangled in the hair at the back of Kilianís head. It trembled and he pulled Kilianís hair tighter, seeming to steady his own emotions. "Go ahead. Iím yours just as I was before."


They were on their knees sitting back on their heels facing one another, pebbles and sticks grinding into their naked flesh, but Kilian didnít give a damn about the minor discomfort. No matter Raoulís nationality or how heíd come to be here, there was nothing short of a bomb that could distract Kilian from this exciting, handsome man. Kilian framed Raoulís whiskered face in his palms. They locked gazes. He penetrated Raoulís soulful eyes with a deep stare, and again, that undeniable familiarity seized Kilianís soul. He could swear theyíd done this many times before, even spoken these same words. But Raoulís reincarnation assertion was silly. It was impossible, wasnít it?


Whether true or not, Kilian felt compelled to pour out his heart to his captive. "You have no idea how glad I am to have run across you in the woods. I-I feel whole for the first time in my sorry life. I donít understand itóI donít want  to understand it or talk about it anymoreóbut itís true. Thereís something about you that makes me feel like I canít breathe, unlike with anyone else before now."


Raoul tugged Kilian up, hips thrust together, erections pressing into tight abdomens. He jerked Kilian closer, their bare, perspiring chests slapping together. "There was a beforeóthis isnít our first time. And Jesus Christ, Iíve waited lifetimes for you to come back to me." Despite the stifling warmth filling the tent, Kilian shivered when Raoul kissed his neck, nipping and biting his way up to his earlobe. His arms encircled Kilian and he rubbed their chests together so his hardened nipples dragged over Kilianís, sending tingly fire straight to his cock.


Raoul tangled his fingers into Kilianís hair again, tugging hard so it sent goose bumps down Kilianís spine. He closed his mouth over Kilianís, kissing him with a voraciousness Kilian had never experienced with another man beforeÖat least not in this lifetime. Their tongues warred, darting and dueling with fierce strength. The flavor was hearty with the vague taste of Kilianís own pre-cum juices still lingering in Raoulís mouth. They both groaned, panting for air. They sucked and explored every recess of mouths, traced every tooth, every inch of lips and ground their shafts together until Kilian thought heíd come right then and there.


Raoul broke the kiss, swaying his pelvis from side to side so that his shaft ground less violently against Kilianís. "Get me ready for you. Now."

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4/5 Nymphs!

"The attraction is strong between Raoul and Kilian, while the setting supplies a perfect backdrop for their meeting... Ms. Blaze has a way with the pen, and Iím sure others will enjoy reading Heartless as much as I did." ~ Scandalous Minx for Literary Nymphs Reviews


4/5 Stars!

"This unusual story grabs the attention early and holds it prisoner until the last word. Roxana Blaze has captured the tenor and tension of the time, if not the language. She paints her scenery with images and her characters with raw emotions suited to the situation. This is an author to seek out and enjoy. ďHeartlessĒ is a heart rending story and well worth the time to read." ~ Polly for Bitten By Books


4/5 Angels!

"Roxana Blaze has continued Nighthawks incarnations beautifully. Heartless is the second book in her Nighthawk series. Ms. Blaze will teach the readers a lesson with this emotionally charged highly intense romance. Heartless keeps the readers guessing at every turn of the page. Raoul is a character that the readers will weep for and Kilian will have the readers ready to fight. Then you have Nighthawk which will have readers torn between love and hate. Ms. Blaze gives the readers what they want and so much more. I cannot wait to see what will happen next." ~ Sonya for Fallen Angel Reviews


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