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You've Got Irish Male

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Also a Midnight Moon Cafe Blog Recommended Read!






When sex-toy-business owner Mischa Roxbury opens a virus-spell e-mail that brings forth a handsome, strapping leprechaun, she becomes lost in his lusty, magical world. Fighting the spell proves futile, for her inhibitions are stripped…along with her clothes. Unable to keep her hands off Grady O’Donovan, an Irish rogue and mutant leprechaun, Mischa soon finds there are only two ways she can keep him. Either Grady gives up his immortality, or Mischa forfeits her rewarding career, her beloved computer…and her life.

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The cursor moved over the E-mail line and she thought of Ouiji and how its little prop always scooted itself across the mystical wooden board awakening excitement in its players. Shivers stirred at her roots making her hair stand on end. Her heart did a pleasant flutter behind her breastbone. Mouth now dry as sand, she longed for another swallow of beer. But instead, she licked her lips and inhaled slowly.

And she clicked on the mail.

The music changed tunes. No longer did the jolly melody play over and over. A sensual song of flutes and soft wind poured from the speakers. The mail opened, revealing a page full of shamrocks. They weren't animated, but so real, she reached up to the screen to touch one.

"Ah, I see ye like me gifts."

She shrieked and snatched her hand from the screen just before making contact with it. Her back went ramrod straight.

The voice had come from behind her!

Whirling in her chair, she ignored the wave of dizziness that assailed her. Either she'd had too much beer, or she needed another one, she wasn't sure which. But what she was sure of was that the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen stood tall and proud in the middle of her warehouse apartment. The only light in the entire room was that of her computer monitor and the lunar beams seeping in. Clouds moved across the moon just then, and through the high windows of the building, the filtered moonlight cast him in a bluish glow. He wore a black, felt top hat tipped rakishly over one brow and adorned with a gold buckle. Thick midnight hair was drawn back and fastened away from his arresting face, and she wondered just how long the ponytail was, how far it trailed down that long back. She itched to rise and circle him, to examine every inch of him, but a mixture of fear and astonishment kept her rooted to her seat.

"Holy son of a bitch."

"Nay. Me ma was no bitch. Holy, perhaps, but nay, no' a bitch."

The voice no longer came through the computer speakers but from his vocal chords—vocal chords in a thick, muscular neck atop a broad, real man's body. At his words, her eyes riveted to the wide mouth with its full lips. And she determined she no longer thirsted for a beer, but for a kiss.


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5/5 Angels and a RECOMMENDED READ!
"Titania Ladley had me hooked from the beginning with this original short story. You've Got Irish Male is packed with lots of humor...creative, not to mention hot, sex scenes found within." And on the anthology as a whole: "Enchanted Rogues is a delightful anthology filled to the brim with mischief and mayhem, hot love scenes and romantic endings...Miss LaFleur, Miss Ladley and Miss Aames have all been added to my list of authors to keep an eye on." ~ Jennifer M. for Fallen Angel Reviews



Recommended Read!

The Ellora's Cave anthology ENCHANTED ROGUES featuring stories by Titania Ladley, Lynn LaFleur, and Lani Aames, was a Recommended Read on March 17, 2008, at the Midnight Moon Cafe Blog! ~  Midnight Moon Cafe Blog

5/5 Cupids!
"This is a very funny story that reels you in from the get go. We all know the "You got mail" voice, but imagine it with an Irish brogue and an uncanny ability to sweet talk you into releasing a 'giant mutant leprechaun'. And this is only the wonderful beginnings of this story. I can easily say you will laugh aloud. The erotic scenes are many and especially inventive. They will leave you breathless. I enjoyed this story immensely -- it is quite unique in plot and characters, and the ending is right out of a fairy tale." ~ Marina for Cupid's Library Reviews


5/5 Blue Ribbons!
"Titania Ladley gives us a really unique tale of magic and love. This story is jam-packed with enough heat to set off your smoke detector." On the anthology as a whole: "Enchanted Rogues takes us on one adventure after another. You will meet many amazing people whose lives are touched by the magic of St. Patrick's Day. This is one book you will want to revisit no matter what time of year it is." ~ Janean Sparks for Romance Junkies


5/5 Stars!
"One of the best short stories I have read in months, You've Got Irish Male! sucked me in from the first and ran with my full attention until the very end. Short yet sweet, this story had all of the elements needed for a quick, enjoyable read: a delicious stud, an unusual storyline, and lots of unique and inventive sex. There were scenes that left me raising my eyebrows in satisfied shock. The characters have a distinctive charm....I would read this story again just to re-experience the unusual sexual encounters. The incomparable twists and turns of the storyline added to the overall charm of this lively and exceptionally entertaining story, which puts this high on my recommendation list." ~ Francesca Hayne for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5/5 Steaming Cups!
"Ms. Ladley has written a tantalizing story of spells, magic, sensual desire and a romance to last for all time...a love that came from nowhere to create a passionate and giving relationship." On the anthology as a whole: "All three stories in this anthology will leave any reader gasping for more... I found all of these stories exhilarating, awe inspiring and just plain downright sensual. These rogues may be enchanted, but for me, they were all delightful." ~ Sheryl for Coffee Time Romance


4 Steaming Cups!

"You’ve Got Irish Male is a really great story... The characters are charming, the plot is clever and the buildup interesting. Grady and Mischa are wonderful together and truly focused on each other. Their connection came through the entire story. The emotions they share make the romance exciting, all due to the well-written dialogue. The supporting characters are good, and the introduction of Tad brought the different parts of the plot line together. The sex is amazing and went from mindless fun to loving reflections of desire. This short book has everything one needs in a St. Patrick’s Day fantasy and is one I can easily recommend." ~ Anya for Coffeetime Romance and More


Anthology rating 8.47 out of 10!
"Ladley's story is full of fun and laughs, and plenty of sizzling sex. Some one-liners will have you in stitches. I mentioned the sizzling sex...but sizzling doesn't even come close to describing how erotic the scenes can be. Vibrant, believable characters and plenty of Irish magic combine to create a memorable novella. Enchanted Rogues is another wonderful, unforgettable themed anthology from the award-winning Ellora's Cave. It combines great stories and gifted authors. Not be missed." ~ Safiya Tremayne for In The Library Reviews


4/5 Roses! (on the anthology as a whole)
"Titania Ladley's You've Got Irish Male! is fun and fiery all at once. Her imaginative contribution to the anthology is chock full o' passion. The chemistry between Grady and Mischa fairly leaps off the screen." ~ Rho for A Romance Review



4/5 Stars!

"Titania Ladley sure has a way of bringing magic to life and in a fun sexual way. I loved that Mischa is a woman who is cynical in some ways about love and magic yet makes an effort to try. Now Grady, wow here is a guy who is definitely no small leprechaun. Together these two can scorch any bed with their sizzling kisses but the love they have is definitely magical. Titania sure was clever in the email game of bringing them together but putting it up to Mischa to get her own pot of gold was sheer genius." ~ Melinda for Night Owl Reviews


"YOU'VE GOT IRISH MALE is such a clever story. Ms. Ladley is a fabulous storyteller and she pulls you right in to the story from the first page. This is a charming, sexy, and magical tale that you're sure to love." ~ Susan Biliter for eCataRomance Reviews


And on the anthology as a whole: "ENCHANTED ROGUES is a truly entertaining set of stories that you'll love to read. Who can resist three handsome Irish hunks? These three creative authors have certainly worked their magic on this trio of captivating stories. Don't miss adding ENCHANTED ROGUES to your bookshelf." ~ Susan Biliter for eCataRomance Reviews


"Love is more potent than the lure of gold in Ladley's scorching fantasy, 'You've Got Irish Male.'" And on the anthology as a whole: "The trilogy features three hot hunks with scorching fantasies on their minds." ~ Faith V. Smith for RomanticTimesBOOKclub


"This is a story with great characters and a complex plot. The two leads are passionate and very sensual. The author was able to throw in a twist that this reader didn't expect." On the anthology as a whole: "Each of the three stories within Enchanted Rogues is imaginative and filled with erotic action. Enchanted Rogues will catapult the reader into a world where faeries, leprechauns and pixies exist, and where love is still the most powerful magic of all." ~ Susan Tam for The Road to Romance

"Enchanted Rogues brings together three hot stars of Ellora's Cave... Ireland is full of legends, myths and fables of fairies, pixies and dozens of others. All of them come alive in this well-written anthology... You'll be craving a four-leaf clover and a pint of ale in no time. But unlike the ale, Enchanted Rogues won't add any calories to your diet and you'll be three times as satisfied." ~ Marissa for Novelspot

"This reviewer is highly recommending this great anthology to those who enjoy a little Irish magic with their stories and who knows - maybe a little Irish magic will rub on to you this St. Patrick's day!" ~ Dawn for Love Romances

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