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Jennie In a Bottle

Available from Ellora's Cave

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After four centuries of banishment to a bottle for her frigidness, Jennie Sebastian's primed and ready to fulfill her orders. And if she succeeds in this difficult feat, she'll receive a prestigious promotion from lowly genie to the Goddess of Carnality. Set free from the bottle, she never expects to meet a master like Luke Slayton. But there's no time to fall in love. The clock is ticking.

Hedonism resort owner Luke Slayton is bored with his life. He's had every woman in every position in every setting he can think of. And while he enjoys being a businessman, he desperately desires a change in his predictable world. But waking up to find a strange bottle on the beach of his private Florida island isn't the real remedy he needs. After all, Jennie's too good to be true...she's just a dream. Or maybe she's truly an immortal being, one that could never tie herself to a mortal man—a man in love with a genie in a bottle.

Warning:  Jennie's "education" includes a M/F/F/M foursome scene, light BDSM, and naughty toys.

NOTE: Me Tarzan, You Jewel is the follow-up to Jennie in a Bottle


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The orange ball of the sun dropped lower toward the horizon. For hours, Jennie had been suspended high enough over the cottage, that she could view the entire island. She paced through the air and plopped down on a lavender cloud. From here, she could see the resort clearly, but Luke was nowhere to be found.

Tick...tock...tick...tock. She pressed her palms to her ears and spat, "Shut up! Would you please just shut the damn clock up?"

It stopped instantly, and she heard the blessed sounds of the birds in flight, the surf as it crashed and ebbed, guests as they frolicked near the large pool. From the vicinity of The Catch, she could smell the aroma of a roasting pig along with the scent of beer and pineapple. To add a bit of mystique to number eleven, she had chosen a multicolored two-piece garment that shimmered in the sun. The bikini top was snug and displayed her breasts perfectly. The bottom portion equated to an Earth woman's mini skirt, only it was thin and wispy, leaving little to the imagination. Her hair was pulled atop her head in a tight ponytail and secured with a thick matching headdress. She'd painted her face as the Earth women did and had spritzed herself with a decadent perfume. Her feet were bareľno more of those painful six-inch heels for her!

The mere ritual of sex coupling preparation had made her wet. Anticipation coursed heavy through her veins, as potent as wine. She was fully fueled and sated with food, but now she needed to feed that animal instinct.

And if he didn't show up soon, she would produce her own orgasm by masturbation.

She rolled over and stared up at the clear, azure sky. No, she couldn't do that. It would be like betraying him, like cheating herself out of every minute she had left with him. She groaned and threw an arm over her brow. Gods' toes, would he ever return?

She was just contemplating popping in at the resort to spy on him, when she heard his deep voice echo through the woods below her. "Jennie! Jennie! Where in the hell are you?" She smiled. There was a trace of panic in his voice, and it made all the waiting worthwhile.

"Well, it's about time, master!" she said breathily as she zoomed down to hover over him.

He sliced a look up at her. "Come down from there."

She crossed her arms over her chest. "Not until you tell me what was so very important, that it had to take you all morning to tend to."

He'd dressed in a bright button-up shirt with leis and palm trees depicted on it, jean shorts and sandals on his feet. His eyes were vivid against the bronzed complexion, and the balmy breeze blew a lock of his shoulder-length sandy hair across his cheek. She watched, mesmerized, as he shoved an impatient hand across the top of his head to tame the unruly strand. And she thought that he'd never looked more handsome, never appeared more relaxed and happy.

"If I do that," he replied mildly, folding his arms over his chest, "I'll spoil the surprise."

"Surprise?" Her voice rose with excitement. "For me?"

"Well." He narrowed his eyes as if to ponder the concept. "For all my guests, but, yes, for you in particular."

"Oh, Luke!" she screeched, and zipped down to clamp her legs around his waist. "I love surprises!"

He ran his hands slowly over her arms where they rested on his shoulders. Along with that tender touch, the smoldering look in his eyes sent an instant throb to her crotch. "You mean to tell me, that as a genie who can conjure up anything in the damn universe she desires, you still like surprises?"

"Oh, yes," she assured him, nodding vigorously. "There are times when my spells go awry. Those are the best kinds of surprises ever...well, most of the time."

He roared with laughter and gathered her tightly against him. "God, Jennie. I'm going to miss you."

They gazed silently at one another for a long moment. A knot of dread formed in her gut, heavy and painful.

"And I will miss you doubly so, master." She laid her head on his shoulder and willed away the tears.

NOTE: Me Tarzan, You Jewel is the follow-up to Jennie in a Bottle

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5/5 Hearts!
"I loved this book, it's awesome and keeps the reader interested all the way through... The battle against time is on and the clock is ticking. This is a book that you will definitely keep and want to read again and again." ~ Angel Brewer for The Romance Studio

4.5/5 Hearts!
"This is such a delightful story, where the reader cannot wait to see what pleasurable idea Luke will think up to help Jennie obtain her objective. These appealing characters will dazzle the reader with their imaginative minds and witty dialogue. The plot is one of a kind, and will certainly hold the readers attention as the story moves along effortlessly. The steamy sex scenes are numerous and fervent. If you are a lover of erotic stories with a charming touch of the paranormal, then Ms. Ladley's JENNIE IN A BOTTLE will make you a very satisfied reader." ~ Amelia Richard for eCataRomance Reviews

4/5 Roses!
"JENNIE IN A BOTTLE is a fun and flirty fairy-tale. Let your imagination run wild and come along for a really hot time as you read this tantalizing tale by an author with an incredible imagination. The steam factor is at it's highest. This is defiantly one tale that will have you soon searching for your own partner. Readers will be anxiously awaiting more hot and sexy stories from this imaginative new writer." ~ Barbara for A Romance Review

"Hot, hot, hot!!! As erotic books go this one blazes ahead. It's a racy read with a quirky *in a very good way* storyline. Luke is an absolute dream guy with a fun job *winks*, Jennie's naivety is fun and Ms. Ladley has done a great job in showing Luke and Jennie's very engaging relationship. This is a couple you want to end up together. There absolutely LOADS to keep you entertained in 107 pages and is really well crafted with alternating bouts of love, laughter and lust. One book not to be missed." ~ Eileen Collins for In The Library Reviews

“With lots of exploration and orgasms on a time table, not to mention a bit of BDSM thrown in for good luck, the sexual tension will keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the thirteenth orgasm and beyond.  With this much heat I can't wait to read more of Ms. Ladleys' stories.”  ~ Megan for Erotic Escapades


"JENNIE IN A BOTTLE is an excellent read and intriguing story... The sex is hotter than hot, this couple tries everything and end up in some very creative situations. JENNIE IN A BOTTLE is a definite keeper in my book and will certainly be read over and over again." ~ Angel Brewer for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Jennie In a Bottle is one of the most sensual and sexy books I've picked up in a long time. Author Titania Ladley doesn't disappoint as she makes the reader believe in the story of Jennie and Luke." ~ Sarah W. for Fallen Angel Reviews

"Be sure to keep a fan handy when reading JENNIE IN A BOTTLE, a light-hearted yet sexy story sure to make the summer heat unbearable. This is the first of Titania Ladley's books I've read, but it definitely won't be the last." ~ Jennifer Bishop for Romance Reviews Today

"Titania Ladley has successfully come up with a red-hot fantasy romantica that would surely set your seat on fire. A sexy genie, a handsome man and a carnal island, the book has it all...JENNIE IN A BOTTLE is a titillating and a totally passionate experience...Enter the carnal world of genies with JENNIE IN A BOTTLE and you sure won't regret it." ~ Dee Herga for Romance Junkies

"JENNIE IN A BOTTLE is a treat to say the least. Titania Ladley once again supplies readers with an entertaining story. She writes some of the hottest sex scenes I've read. Although this story is mostly sex, that's exactly the premise of the book. Multiple partners, sex toys, and just about anything you can imagine fills this sexy romp. If you're looking for a book that's so hot it will singe your hair.look no further.JENNIE IN A BOTTLE will give you just what you're looking for." ~ Jennifer Ray for The Road to Romance

"With laugh-out-loud dialogue, scorching sex, and two wonderfully likable characters, Titania has penned an extremely entertaining story that you will want to read again. I look forward to seeing what her inventive mind comes up with for her next book." ~ Kathi for
Sizzling Romances


NOTE: Me Tarzan, You Jewel is the follow-up to Jennie in a Bottle

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