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Kaydee and the Tramp

by Titania Ladley

Available from Ellora's Cave
5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read
from Happily Ever After Reviews

5 Kissing Lips from Two Lips Reviews







"Show me how a woman makes love to a woman.”

Hearing that from any hetero female is normally a deal breaker. But when lesbian Kaydee Truman is propositioned with those words by her longtime secret crush—her best friend’s widowed stepmom—temptation takes a front seat to propriety. Savanah Kirtright exudes irresistible sex appeal, and her many past experiences lie solely with men. Savanah’s unexpected enthusiasm to learn how to please a woman proves to be more than Kaydee can resist.


Which turns out to be the worst mistake of her life.


But how can such an agonizing slip-up feel so damn right? Neither Kaydee nor Savanah have the answer. All they know is, one sultry summer day by the lake leaves Kaydee and her new lover to make choices that will forever change their lives.


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Check out the sequel, Lipstick Leslee


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Check out the sequel, Lipstick Leslee


No. I was fooling myself. My controlling, somewhat spoiled best friend, Melanie, would never blow it off good-naturedly. She’d kick my ass—or rather, try to—if she ever found out I made out with her stepmom, Savanah.

But she’d only find out if one of us told her…

So why did I hesitate, then? Was I making excuses, using Melanie as a shield to protect me from the oh-my-god-what-if-I-fail scenario? Could I actually be intimidated by a prospective female lover for the first time in my life just because she embodied my ultimate older-woman fantasy?

Holy crap, my answer had to be yes. I wanted to throw my head back and laugh myself right off the pier. Here I was being a wuss, and yet I had the prowess and long-term experience to turn the most hetero woman gay if I chose to.

"Look, here’s the deal. I’m a woman alone and very much attracted to you. You’re a woman unattached at the moment, if I’ve got my information correct. And if my intuition is also correct, you’re attracted to me too." She winked. "You always have been. Haven’t you, Kaydee?"

Well, she had that right, for damn sure.

And now that she’d succinctly voiced her reasons for asking me here, there seemed to be no way around it. Melanie’s stepmom did have the hots for me. My pulse accelerated and rapped against my sternum.

"Yes," I finally answered. "I must admit I’ve always been attracted to you." I clenched the muscles in my aching pussy. Oh God, the possibilities here…

She smiled, her teeth sparkling like a row of huge white diamonds in her mouth. "I knew it."

A gentle gust of wind blew her hair over her shoulder and across her chest. My gaze latched on to one breast where the strands had just settled. The nipple speared through the thick flaxen mass and I imagined the hard knot grazing back and forth over mine. My breasts engorged with heat and my cunt quickened with the need to taste her, to feel her skin gliding over mine, to fuck her with my fingers and my tongue and my strap-on dildo.

Just fuck my best friend’s stepmom like she’d never been fucked before.

Jesus. Unbelievable. I felt like a teenager experiencing lesbianism for the first time. If I were male, I’d probably have just blown my premature wad all over myself.

"C’mon, it’s okay." She tucked my hair behind my ear. Her gaze followed the move with tender care while my heart fluttered and I held in a gulp of air. I waited for her next words, which subsequently stopped my heart. "Show me how a woman makes love to a woman. Please. Right here, right now. I’m wet just imagining it. I’ve been so horny waiting for you to get here. Christ, even with a hangover, I woke up at five this morning unable to get back to sleep, totally on fire. But I didn’t do anything about it. I wanted to wait. You know, let it simmer."

I huffed out a breath. "Whoa, simmer? For a virgin lesbian, you sure do know how to get things cooking."

She laughed, husky and sweet. Her grin faded. "Take my virginity, then. Show me how it feels, tastes, smells. I want to be completely tutored."

Ah, here we go, the final temptation. Her brazen proposition coupled with the sound of her provocative voice reached down into my soul and snapped that last thread of resistance. My juices spilled out of my vagina and soaked through my panties and onto the crotch of my shorts. I fisted my fingers in the hair at the back of her head. Her simmering concept appealed to me, so I fielded the instinct to yank her mouth to mine. Instead, I moved in slowly, as stealthy as a panther.

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Check out the sequel, Lipstick Leslee





5 Stars!

"Kaydee and the Tramp is a super hot read I could not put down. Packed with steamy love scenes and palpable emotion. I'm looking forward to more f/f romance by Ms. Ladley." F/F erotic romance author Paisley Smith


5 Stars!

"One of the hottest f/f erotic romances. Likable characters, realistic situation." ~ Sheila for Goodreads



5 Kissing Lips from Two Lips Reviews
"WOW!!! This is one of the hottest female/female erotic romances written. The sex burns up the pages and a cigarette or two is needed after the covers close. I am begging for more hot reading from Ms. Ladley
!" ~ Sheila for Two Lips Reviews


5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

"Ladley’s characters are so real and her description is so vivid that I felt as if I knew each of these women intimately. The story is told from alternating viewpoints. Each woman has a unique voice and narrates her story with flawless skill. Kaydee understands the fluidity of sexual roles in a lesbian relationship and the way they defy labels. Savannah is the eager novice who finally finds that missing piece of her soul. The story is erotic, sexual and sensual. Each of the characters is forced to confront some of their own phobias in order to move forward and accept the love the other has to give. The brilliant characterization, combined with a captivating writing style, renders this story an essential read. I recommend this to anyone who loves sensual detail, great characters, and a heartwarming love story." Clare C for Happily Ever After Reviews

"LOVED it. Wish there were more, though! An excellent writer, Ladley really brings characters to life. You won't be disappointed!" ~ Penelope S., Amazon


"I heart books like this, I can't get enough of this kind of literature. Ladley is a great author and I look forward to more of her work. Fantastic!" Barbara L., Amazon


"...the sex is scorching, varied, and plentiful. There's a late scene in a very surprising public location that I'll remember fondly for a long time. All in all, Kaydee & the Tramp is an enjoyable read and I'd confidently recommend it to anyone who enjoys hot lesbian romance with a side order of angst." Val, Joyfully Reviewed


"Titania Ladley does a beautiful job of capturing the swirling emotions of both Kaydee and Savanah in this novel. The pacing is also well done, interspersing the women's erotic fireworks with their conflicted feelings in a way that moves the story along briskly." Erin S., Amazon


"Smoking hot love story! When Kaydee falls for the wrong woman, sparks ignite. I'm looking forward to more f/f romance from Titania Ladley." ~ Avid Reader, Amazon



4 Ravens and a Recommended Read!

"I loved Kaydee & the Tramp! It’s so scorching hot, erotic, and the relationship between Kaydee and Savanah is incredibly beautiful. I loved the plot – it was really well developed, interesting, and very refreshing to see Savanah not only discover, but embrace her sexuality sort of late in life. I loved Kaydee’s complexity. I was very intrigued by her maturity, her vixen personality, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching as she went through her own discovery in finding true love...I truly recommend it as a must-read." Tarsilla for Black Raven's Reviews


4 Stars!

"I have to admit that I loved this story so much that I felt like I was going to cry several times throughout the book- I was that emotionally involved... you get a real sense that these characters are much more than hook-ups or experiments to one another. The story is held together with strong writing careful attention to detail and very hot sex scenes. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from Titania Ladley." ~ Aiobhan Belen for Night Owl Reviews


Grade B

"What mainly got me in this story though was how much heart was infused even with it being erotica. It’s clear that both Savanah and Kaydee have major hots for each other. But I think it’s hard in such a short story to manage some stronger emotional content out of that. Sex to show how much someone feels for someone else doesn’t go over well with me, I need other factors and Ms Ladley managed that for me. There’s an emotional ache between Kaydee and Savanah that gets strongly expressed." ~ Leah for Loving Venus - Loving Mars


4.5/5.0 Hearts!

"I absolutely loved this book. It's insanely erotic, the sex is scorching hot, and the relationship between Kaydee and Savanah is very sweet. I loved the plot and this innovative way to approach a woman discovering her sexuality late in life. I loved Kaydee's complexity; Ms. Ladley did a very good job at creating a very intriguing character with such simple characteristics, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching as she herself went through a transformation of her own from a carefree young woman to this mature confident person who discovers true love. I loved the writing style, and how we have equal access into both character's thoughts; that made me feel really connected to the entire story. I was pleasantly surprised to that find Melanie's story had a space in the plot, which to me made it all the more engaging... I truly recommend it as a must-read in that genre." ~ Athena for The Romance Studio


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Check out the sequel, Lipstick Leslee

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