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Lipstick Leslee

by Titania Ladley

A lesbian erotic romance

From Ellora's Cave

Sequel to Kaydee & the Tramp.



“Melanie, please. Please help me. I don’t know how to dance, and I don’t know how to dress up like a--a ‘hot chick’.”

Hearing that heart-wrenching plea from anyone else would normally have hetero-fem Melanie Kirtright rolling her eyes. But Leslee Franks isn’t just anyone. She’s Melanie’s lesbian boss. So Melanie does a U-turn figuring, why not help her? It might be fun to transform the gender-neutral Leslee into a lipstick lesbian for a pub contest, while earning herself a few points at work.

But Melanie’s detour takes her off on an entirely different path of discovery. While giving Leslee a makeover into a seductive fem, Melanie undergoes some transformations of her own. Plunged into a level of fiery, kinky, panty-melting passion she didn’t even know existed, Melanie tries not to fall prey to Leslee’s irresistible charms.

Tries, but fails.



A Romantica® gay/lesbian erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


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Lipstick Leslee

Rein it in, Leslee. You’re her supervisor at the hotel, and besides, she’s not into women.

I cleared my throat, which had gone tight with emotions I didn’t recognize. “Sorry. These stupid shoes aren’t exactly what I’m used to.”

“It’s okay. Let’s just get this done.” She stroked my hair and tucked it behind my ear, her gaze following her movements with a strange look of fascination. “You have such potential, really, you do. Would you mind if I indulged in a quick but drastic makeover for you? Just for the contest?”

With major reluctance, I untangled myself from her embrace and wobbled my way to my desk. I perched myself on the edge and held on for dear life. “Sure. Drastic. Have at it. Turn me into a fucking hetero clown.”

Melanie’s laugh was a tinkle of delight edged with her usual sex appeal that had always had me panting like a mesmerized dope. She dug in the box I’d indicated and drew out a long, black wig and a makeup container I’d paid little attention to in the past when the girls and patrons would come in here for theme-party costumes. Melanie set the wig aside, then flipped the box lid open and set it on the desk at my hip. I got a glimpse of eyeliner pencils, an array of glittery eye shadow and rouge powders, fake lashes, brushes and a rainbow selection of lipsticks.

“You’re not going to be a clown, silly. I’m going to turn you into the hottest chick this side of the Ohio River. You’ll have every lesbian out there drooling over you.” She flipped open a tube of tan liquid stuff and started spreading it over my forehead, nose and cheeks. Her fingers were tender pads of pressure and wispy circular motions over my skin, which came to life at her every touch. The hair on my head stood on end and my eyelids grew heavy as she worked on me.

I tried to ignore how she stood to my right with one leg between mine, practically straddling my right thigh to get in close to her subject. She hummed as she went to work, her eyes sparkling as she studied me and painted my face as if she were touching a brush to canvas.

Yes, in a matter of twenty minutes or so, I’d become her art project, and though I usually got off on taking charge in a relationship, there was something about her manner with me that made some odd sense of surrender creep up from my soul.

“There.” Melanie leaned away and studied her work. “You look... Wow, you look just gorgeous.”

I snorted and rolled my eyes. My face did indeed feel as if it had been caked like a clown’s. “Right.”

“No, really.” She reached for a twirl-up tube of lipstick in cherry red and drew it around my lips. Next she smoothed my hair back and positioned the wig on my head. The itchy heaviness of it suffocated my scalp.

“Wow.” She gave me a once-over from wig to lips to breasts and back again. It seemed a hot laser gun had zapped me all over, and my nipples tented out under the silky fabric of my dress yet again. Here gaze took exaggerated note of it. “You like it, don’t you? You’re getting all turned-on, I can tell by the way your nipples are pebbling against your dress.”

I gasped and looked down at the offending “pebbles”. “Uh, no, it’s just cold in here.”

The melody of her sudden laughter filled my ears like a soothing song. She slid her arms around me, her legs still straddling mine, and pulled me into a tight embrace. Areolas grazed over areolas, arms encircled femininity and soft curves. Her perfume filled my lungs and the scent of her clean hair teased my nostrils. Now that she had moved in closer, I could feel her pussy lips pressing on top of my thigh. Her panties were damp, her juices soaking through the fabric and onto my skin.

She pulled in a sigh to calm her chuckles and turned her head to kiss my cheek, just a friendly pat, I’m sure.

But I had turned my face toward her at the same time and our cheeks merged, the corners of our lips meeting ever so slightly.

“Leslee..” Melanie whispered, panting. “I-I..”

I stiffened but didn’t push her away. “I’m sorry, Mel, I didn’t mean to—”

Her mouth was on mine before I knew what her intent had been. Melanie kissed me like no other woman before her. She slid her hands up between our breasts and held my face in her palms, as if she adored me to pieces. Her mouth was a wet haven of tongue and smooth, full lips devouring mine. She moaned into the kiss, and suddenly we were both clutching each other as if there were no contests or tomorrows or yesterdays.

Just now.

Just the two of us.

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5 Stars!

"Steamy sequel not to be missed. I liked 'Kaydee & the Tramp' and knew "Lipstick Leslee" would be great but it far exceeded my expectations! I was amazed that the author could pack so much passion and chemistry between the main character's Melanie and Leslee while at the same time developing an emotionally charged storyline. I loved that Savanah and Kaydee from the first book "Kaydee & the Tramp" made an appearance and hope to see both couples in a future follow-up story." ~ Adrienne for Amazon

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