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Me Tarzan, You Jewel

Sequel to Jennie In a Bottle
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Ellora's Cave


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The last thing Jewel Dublin wants is to be stranded on a deserted island with her former flame. But when she wakes up one morning to find a strange bottle on her dresser, she discovers she has no choice. Whisked away to Carnal Island by a genie, she's forced to face demons from her past some painful and others erotic.

Vince Santiago's life is just fine the way it is, women at his beck and call, a posh condo in Denver and a fat bank account. At least that's what he thinks. Until a sexy genie dumps him on a deserted tropical island with a woman who seems vaguely familiar to him. Forced to drag up a long-buried past, "Tarzan" comes face-to-face with "Jane", who's hell-bent on driving him mad with lust. He's beginning to think he's got a terrible case of jungle fever!

NOTE: Jennie in a Bottle is the prequel to Me Tarzan, You Jewel

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Jewel Dublin came awake with a start. Her heart went from calm and sleepily serene to sudden pounding fear in a second's time. She hadn't moved a muscle, but her eyes now stared at the pink streaks of early morning sun on the ceiling. Slowing her breathing down, she drew in a long, audible gulp. Gradually, she turned her head toward the object that she'd instantly been aware of out of the corner of her eye.

Stiff and unmoving, she surveyed the purple blotch that perched upon the old highboy in her small convent room. Narrowing her eyes, she struggled to bring it into focus. Fumbling at the bedside table, she located her glasses and jammed them on. A wine bottle? Shards of fear pricked her gut. It hadn't been there when she'd gone to bed last night, and she'd not seen it before now. Which meant someone must have slipped into her room in the middle of the night as she slept. And for some unexplainable reason, felt it necessary to place the bottle on her dresser.

But who? One of the Sisters? The priest? A gift, perhaps, from one of the children's parents?

Her brow suddenly creased. But hadn't she locked her door last night?

Rise, Jewel Dublin. Rise from that bed and come here to the bottle.

The voice seemed to echo in her head. She sat upright and gasped, poking her glasses further up her nose. "Who...who's there?"

Come. You must open me.

Jewel clutched the scratchy, wool blanket to her chin and jerked her gaze to the left, the right, upward.

"God? Is that you?"

Oh, God, she didn't want it to be God! Please don't be God. She wasn't ready, not yet.

This is not God—at least not that God.

She flung the covers aside and scrambled from the bed. Her eyes snapped to the bottle. Hopefully, she'd be safe here with the bed in between her and the dresser. But if she found it necessary to escape, she'd have to pass by the highboy to get to the door. Which made her suddenly feel like a trapped rat.

"Who's there, and how did you know my thoughts?" She cringed at the panic in her own voice, along with the silliness of the question. A lengthy, deafening silence followed.

"Did you hear me? I want answers right now!"

A deep timbre of what she thought was an amused chuckle, rang out.

You will not be harmed. Come here, Jewel. Come here and open the bottle.

Emphasizing the man's words, the bottle flashed and glowed a warm gold, as if a yellow light bulb had lit up inside its purple glass walls. It pulsed in heartbeat rhythm. It beckoned to her sensual and hot, bringing to mind the buff men in the magazines she had hidden beneath her mattress.

"What...what's going on? I-I don't understand," she said, even as her feet seemed to step around the bed of their own accord.

Yes. That's it. Come here. Come closer.

As she neared, a tantalizing heat enveloped her. Temptation—that oh-so forbidden devil here in the convent—overwhelmed her. Her bare feet padded across the cold, raw, wood floor. Flashes of those nude centerfold men in magazines filled her mind. Hard abs, tight rears made just for squeezing, smoldering gazes that promised fulfillment. And soft body parts that engorged in seconds and fit within a woman's passage like the rigid piece of a puzzle. Her panties flooded with excitement, but as always, she outwardly and expertly hid her desire from the outside world. Only she knew of the throbbing that plagued her sex. Only she knew of the painful longing in her heart to be held once again, to be brought to that pinnacle of insanity.

But never again would anyone hurt her the way he had all those years ago.

It's time, Jewel. It's time to experience a man again, just like those in your magazines, just like those you're fantasizing about right now, just like you once had so long ago.

She halted in mid-step, the bottle mere inches from her reach. A ragged intake of breath escaped her throat. "How...how did you know...?"

Open me. Open me, and you shall see.

The stopper, poised elegantly atop the bottle, glittered seductively; it charmed and enticed much like her centerfold men. Jewel inhaled and caught a whiff of citrus and wild tropical flowers. She tipped her head and furrowed her brow. Was that a parakeet she heard chirping? No. It couldn't be. There weren't parakeets here in the hillsides of Chastity, Vermont, even if it was late June.

She rubbed her eyes beneath the glasses and glanced over at the dull-gray curtains. They partially covered the open window and fluttered on the cool morning breeze. Streaks of tangerine and coral layered across the jagged horizon, blending with the lingering gray of night. Fingers of fog hovered across the pond down by the convent's wrought-iron gate. Dawn made a brilliant entrance...but was it real? Could she be dreaming?

No, it's not a dream, Jewel. It's an opportunity of a lifetime. Open me now!

Her gaze jerked back to the bottle. Well, she didn't believe a word of it. Her dreams were always vivid and alive with men and the world out there that she'd been hiding from. Just because it seemed real didn't mean it was real. But since it most probably was a dream, curiosity won out. It had been a stressful week teaching at the convent, so she deserved to indulge herself and see just where this dream would take her. And she certainly deserved an exciting diversion from the melancholy moods that had been plaguing her of late. These drab walls were beginning to close in on her. Thoughts of things and emotions long buried had begun to re-haunt her. Oh yes, she definitely needed a distraction. She was going to open the bottle and see what this was all about, what excitement might await her and help her forget.

Jewel lifted her hand and reached for it. Energy assaulted her, making her fingers twitch and her toes curl against the cold slats of the hardwood floor. She sucked in a breath and snatched her hand back.

It's okay. It won't hurt you.

Gathering a lungful of courage, she nodded her understanding. Stretching out her hand again, she gripped the narrow neck. Her body convulsed almost violently. The tempting borders of ecstasy reached for her. Heat wrapped with the luscious, just-out-of-reach edges of orgasm taunted her. She moaned and threw her head back. With a trembling grasp, she slowly drew the bottle toward her until she could cradle it against her chest. On a sigh, she closed her eyes and soaked in the warmth and passion of it. Her legs trembled beneath her long, cotton nightgown. The bottle pulsed in her hands and sent ripples of fire through her, hardening her nipples, oozing down into her womb.

And with impulsive speed, she clutched the jeweled stopper in her palm and yanked it from the bottle's neck.


A humid breeze spun around her, plastering her high-necked gown to her body. Her short, loose hair blew back from her face, fluttering madly behind her. The morning Vermont chill fled her flesh and became replaced by soaking, blessed sunrays. She drew in a breath and salty sea-scents filled her lungs. Looking down, she wiggled her toes against the soft grains of warm, wet...sand?


The voice, no longer an echo, brought her head up with a snap. And there before her levitated the epitome of every centerfold model all wrapped up into one finely honed man. Sun-streaked, golden, long hair framed a handsome face with the most interesting aqua eyes she'd ever seen. He floated nearer and she caught the rugged, earthy scent of him. As he moved, so did his short garment, a strange rendition of a Greek god or a Roman gladiator. It revealed well-defined, powerful legs just made for.

"Jewel Dublin, it's time to change your life."

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5/5 Angels!
"Me Tarzan, You Jewel is a sequel to Jennie in the Bottle and is a fabulous continuation of a fun story. I absolutely loved this story! I will NEVER look at an orange the same way again! Thanks to Ms. Ladley for a great read!" ~ Serena for Fallen Angel Reviews

4/5 Steaming Cups!
"Readers make sure you read this book with a tall glass of ice water nearby. Ms. Ladley writes of carnal lust and a love that cannot be denied. The attraction between Vince and Jewel is sizzling and is made all the more intense by their tropical surroundings... Get ready for an unforgettable trip to Carnal Island." ~ Darnée for Coffee Time Romance

4/5 Stars!
"...laced with humor and some very hot sexual adventures between two stubborn people who really belong together. The grand finale with Luke and Jennie takes sexual magic to a new dimension! Titania Ladley has written a fun, entertaining romance that recalls the hijinks of classic romantic comedies with the added spice of hot sex." ~ Patrice Storie for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4/5 Quills!
"Titania Ladley writes a truly enjoyable story. She makes you wish you could look into your past for those you may have left behind but may not have forgotten. As the story unfolded, I couldn't wait for the end. I'll be looking forward to Ms. Ladley's next book." ~ Tammy Adams for EarthChildSeries/Novelspot Romance Reviews


“Let your imagination run free in this entertaining and creative story that not only remakes the image of the genie of the lamp, but also showcases a pair of lonely souls who are in need of love and the true happiness they lost when their relationship was abruptly broken off. You won’t be disappointed! ME TARZAN, YOU JEWEL is the perfect way to heat upduring the long, cold winter season.”  ~ Sarah for A Romance Review

"The characters are well written and the dialogue between the hero and heroine is snappy, sexy and real... This is a very erotic story with a lot of sex in it. There is some light BDSM, voyeurism, a menage and plenty of play to heat up the monitor." ~ Valerie for LoveRomances

"The love scenes were hot and arousing... a nice and sexy read." ~ Stephie for Cupid's Library Reviews

"...the attraction between Jewel and Vince is too difficult to ignore, and the scenes between them definitely earn this book its E-rotic rating. A truly enjoyable story, I highly recommend ME TARZAN, YOU JEWEL." ~ Jennifer Bishop for Romance Reviews Today

8/10 Stars!
"Me Tarzan, You Jewel is a book you should read. Titania Ladley writes a truly enjoyable story. She makes you wish you could look into your past for those you may have left behind but may not have forgotten. I really felt for Jewel and Vince in their struggle to overcome their past while trying to deal with the present. As the story unfolded, I couldn't wait for the end. I'll be looking forward to Ms. Ladley's next book." ~ Tammy Adams for Novelspot

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