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Moonlite Mirage

Available from Ellora's Cave


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Posing as the Moonlite BunnyRanch's accountant, Dorjan alien Zoey Fabiyan is caught in a sudden dilemma. Her mission to collect diverse samples of fertile human sperm to save her planet has gone awry with one explosive encounter. Torn between the hot male Earthling and saving her planet, Zoey is forced to make a decision that could cost many lives—including those of herself and the man she's falling in love with.

Hollywood producer Rolf Mahoney has arrived at the sexy cathouse of fantasies for one reason.to find the perfect call girl to play the key role in his upcoming movie. Soon he becomes Zoey's sole scientific mission, hunted in dreams by the beautiful, insatiable alien. Caught up in a MOONLITE MIRAGE of universal proportions, he's forced to choose between lust, love.or life.

Note: Moonlite Mirage contains voyeurism and light erotic scenes where females explore their sexuality with other females. This book was loosely based on a trip to the Moonlite BunnyRanch Bordello in Carson City, Nevada, where Titania was invited as a guest by owner Dennis Hof to research his infamous legal cathouse business and its gorgeous mountainous setting, all depicted in the book. No aliens were discovered, but Titania's imagination became quite...stimulated by the overall experience!

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"I'll take the Dirty Dancing party."

Zoey inhaled sharply and shot to her feet.

"And I'll take it in my bungalow, please. It's been a long morning." He gazed up at her and flashed her a weary yet steamy smile.

Desire and temptation swirled in her belly. She swallowed a lump of excitement in her throat. "Oh, but I meant starting tomorrow. I've been instructed to entertain you with a bit of conversation and drinks until—"

"I'd like to have those drinks in the comfort of my suite. With you."

For the love of Dorjan! Why had she agreed to this dangerous meeting?

"But.but what about the lineup? Don't you want to wait and get a good look at all the gorgeous women Madam Ivana has planned for you to see?"

"Right now," he said, almost with a growl as he rose to tower over her, "you're the gorgeous one that strikes my fancy."


"Zoey, was it?"

Her eyes widened at the abrupt manner he'd suddenly taken. She nodded.

"It was a long flight with a longer layover last night, then I didn't sleep worth a damn, and to top it off, Madam Ivana has reneged on her agreement to provide me with a lineup to choose from—at least for now. So I'm not exactly in a negotiating mood right at the moment."

"She hasn't reneged. The lineup will be here tomorrow, as promised, Mr. Mahoney."

"It's Rolf, remember? And I don't give a flying fuck if they'll be here in an hour, or a week. I paid a very large sum of money to be catered to as I see fit, and I intend to get what I already paid for."

Her gaze swept him from the thick dark hair to the pale blue eyes, narrowed just now in snide arrogance. Despite his less than appealing attitude, desire coiled through her gut. The strong and well-proportioned bone structure, along with the small little scar that ran along the side of his nose, lent him a rakish look. With his massive height and wide shoulders, standing before him simply awed her. Her hand itched to brush the boyish lock of hair from his brow. And she realized with a twisted sense of control, that she knew things about him—like the fact that he would sire many Dorjanians—he would never know about himself.

King Luran, what have you gotten me into? She shuffled her feet and stared into the smoky depths of his eyes.

He cocked one dark brow and said, "So, shall we?" Then he sidestepped her and strode up the hall toward the rear door that led to the cluster of bungalows.

As she trailed along behind him, down the long corridor lined with Bunnies' quarters, she tried to fling the azure glow of his eyes from her mind. His suit-clad, masculine body filled the space of the passageway before her. A distinct, manly scent engulfed her in a cloud of desire. As he clutched his briefcase, he walked ahead of her without even checking to see if she followed.

What a conceited, cocky Earthling, she thought, and a thrill traveled through her system like a rush of Dorjan sun-heat during summer radiation showers.

If there had been any trace of doubt up to this point, it was now completely gone. Her compubot had positively identified him as a match for some of the milt stored currently within her nidus. Oh, yes, it was him, the man she'd made love to in her out-of-body dreams. She hadn't needed him to reveal his name for her to confirm that fact.

Before her stalked the great specimen who would father Dorjanian offspring far into the future.

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5/5 Steaming Cups!
"Ms. Ladley does a fantastic job of transporting the reader into the world of the bordello with a science fiction twist that works wonderfully. I was absolutely unable to put this one down until I was finished reading it." ~ Keely Skillman for Coffee Time Romance

5/5 Stars!
"A steaming sci-fi romance with adorable characters and a fascinating setting...The love scenes are sizzling hot, sometimes a bit kinky and they'll leave you breathless." ~ Tina for Mon Boudoir

5/5 Angels!
"Titania Ladley's Moonlight Mirage is the perfect blend of erotic romance and science fiction... Ms. Ladley has a wonderful sense of dialogue and humor that will have you laughing out loud. The sexual chemistry between Rolf and Zoey is off the charts. The other world that the author has created seems so real." ~ Tewanda for Fallen Angel Reviews

5/5 Cupids!
"...these dreams are HOT!!! I can't wait to read more about Dorjan." ~ Tina for Cupids Library Reviews

4.5/5 Stars!
"From the vividly described settings to the distinctive characters, this tale by Titania Ladley is compelling from start to finish. this couple really heats up the pages with their spirited and diverse sexual adventures. The storyline is uniquely original and inventive, and the unpredictable twists will stun readers. MOONLITE MIRAGE will leave a lasting impact on readers with its erotically sensuous scenes with such emotional intensity." ~ Amelia Richard for eCataRomance Reviews


4/5 Stars!
"The sexual attraction is amazing but their compatibility has a couple of twists that were a surprise. If you like a hot and sexy paranormal, then this is the book for you." ~ Ann Lee for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4/5 Stars!
"Ladley creates a sensual and sensitive story with a surprising conclusion." ~ Leigh Rowling for Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine


"Scorching is the best way to describe MOONLITE MIRAGE from author Titania Ladley. The sex is so scintillating and descriptive... It was great to see such a taboo, yet amazing place as the Bunny Ranch be the focal point for this book... Pleasure will be found by all who read this enchanting story!" ~ Courtney Michelle for Romance Reviews Today

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