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Naughty & Spice


Available from Ellora's Cave




Dash of naughtiness
Pinch of spice
Cop with an old crush
Woman unknowingly breaking the law

Directions: Light a fire, melt chocolate, turn vibrators to high speed, handcuff female, stir libidos and tempers, heat to boiling. Serve steaming hot.

No, that's a recipe for disaster. Ginger Blair now follows the cookbook by the rules. Hide behind closed doors, mail chocolate-dipped vibrators to customers and never—repeat, never—get involved with another cop. Well, except to bribe him into not arresting her.

Burly policeman and former nerd Stuart Nixon's got his own formula. Pretend to arrest the woman he's been infatuated with forever, let her seduce him and put all those iron bars and handcuffs to good use. Now that's the recipe for true love!



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"Ma'am, I'm warning you, you're going to want to let me in—now." The officer's mouth thinned. "Or else."

Ginger Blair peered through her slightly ajar door. The cold bite of winter whooshed under her robe and nipped at her ankles. Gripping the doorknob, she swept her gaze down the giant's uniformed, chiseled body then back up to settle on his head. Thick, short-cropped sandy hair ruffled in the cold winter's breeze. By the way it gleamed under her twinkling Christmas lights, she imagined it would feel like soft rabbit's fur between her fingers. But all she longed to do right now was pluck every hair from his stubborn head.

"No. I already told you I'm not letting you in."

"No?" He wedged a shiny, snow-caked, black shoe against the doorjamb. "Hmm, I think I would call that obstruction of justice, miss."

At the arrogant tone, anger spiked through her system like a potent shot of tequila. Since getting her life back in order, she'd done her best to suppress that particular bad trait of hers, the out of control emotions that always seemed to leap out and get her into trouble before she knew what had hit her. She'd dealt with his type for two long years of her life—not to mention the nightmare year before that she'd spent chained to her ex, Michael—and had finally learned her lesson. The recollection of Michael's deception, and the years of her life he'd caused her to lose, allowed the ire to win out.

Reminiscent of her pathetic past, the officer's conceit had her yanking open the door. "Oh yeah, mister? I think I would call you rude, mean and just plain idiotic if you think I'm opening my door to anyone for any reason."

"Uh, you just did." He stepped onto the threshold before she could stop him, and a gust of wind brought with it his all-male, musky scent. Its subtle, sly punch nearly bowled her over. All that time behind bars had been an eternity without a man. But then again, a man had been the cause of getting her locked up in the first place.

Concentrate, Ginger. According to his tidy uniform and shiny badge, he may be a man of the law, just like the guards had been, just like Michael had been. But just like them, that doesn't mean this man is a gentleman.

Heart pounding, she backed up a step and fumbled for the phone where it sat on a side table in the foyer. "Damn you, what do you want from me?"

He eyed the handset with little interest as she poised her finger over the number nine. It was then she noticed the shade of his eyes. Gold and cold like chilled sherry. An involuntary shiver trickled down her spine.

"I already told you. I'm going to search your house."

"And I already told you, asshole, you're not setting one foot in my house."

He shifted his stance as if to emphasize he'd already done just that and then some—he'd set two feet inside her house. Apparently, he wouldn't be removing them until he was good and ready. To prove it, he added a condescending folding of the arms so that his name badge perched above one flexed forearm.

Stuart Nixon.

Her brow furrowed. Why did that name sound vaguely familiar to her? Did she know him from somewhere? She glanced back up at the strong jaw, the hard but handsome features. No, she'd have remembered that face. She wasn't good with names, but gorgeous faces always stuck in her memory. The name was nice, too, solid and to the point…but he wore the uniform of the enemy.

He scoffed and flashed her a derisive smile that didn't reach his eyes, but it still packed a powerful blow. "Asshole is…really ladylike, but you'd benefit to just call me Officer Nixon."


"And remember, I'll be the one to decide who sets their feet in your house."

She blinked at his domineering words. "Just who do you think you are, anyway?"

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Naughty & Spice was a 2006 Ecataromance Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee!


5/5 Stars!

"Titania Ladley spins a naughty tale of love and consequences. Stuart and Ginger cannot resist each other. Stuart, however, has a problem he must solve before he can be with Ginger. Stuart must arrest her for real because she broke an old law. Can Stuart keep Ginger from going to jail again? To find out how this problem is solved, read this book! It is great fun." ~ Candy for eCataromance.com

"...absolutely loved it!!!" ~ Author
Madyson Hunter

5/5 Harps!
"This is a steamy, enjoyable story that will likely linger in the reader's mind for some time. After savoring one particularly extra-spicy scene in which Christmas music is playing in the background, this reader wonders if she will ever be able to listen to Christmas music again without remembering that scene. If you're searching for an entertaining, satisfying quickie, that's definitely what you'll find with Naughty and Spice." ~ Susan Park for Rites of Romance Reviews Blog


4.5/5 Blue Ribbons!

“NAUGHTY AND SPICE by Titania Ladley is filled with the richness of naughtiness.  A pinch of this and that, with a dash of spiciness, Ms. Ladley knows how to provide the cream to her stories.  Be sure to add this author to your favorite list. I have always enjoyed every book that Ms. Ladley has written she keeps you running hot and makes the reader look forward to reading her next book.” ~ Connie Spears for Romance Junkies


4/5 Sexy Lips!
"Naughty and Spice is a wonderfully fun book to read. The characters are brought to life off the pages of this short story. Each of the characters has their own lovable and distinct personalities making you fall in love with them all. You can't help but root for the nerd turned hunky police officer and his plight in making Ginger see him for who he really is along with fostering the love that has been hidden in his heart for years. Naughty and Spice will make you smile, make you laugh, and will endear you to Titania Ladley's writing style and characters. This book was fun to read and left me tingly in all the right places." ~ Tara for Two Lips Reviews

"Naughty & Spice is a fun romp full of fascinating characters and lots of steamy sex. Ginger and Stuart make a fun pair and their pairing is hot and tasty. Readers looking for a tantalizing bedtime story will love Naughty & Spice." ~ Amelia for Joyfully Reviewed

"A hotly erotic tale that is aptly titled, don't miss NAUGHTY & SPICE." ~ Jennifer Bishop for Romance Reviews Today Erotic

4/5 Stars!
"This is a hot one! You can't help but like Ginger, she's spunky, sexy and a quick thinker. Who could resist Officer Nixon, he's so dominating but in a good way, sexy strong and with a great body. The sex is hot, very hot! I loved the scene where they had sex on the counter top. She is covered in chocolate and he is determined to make sure that she always remembers him, as he knew he could never let her go. Another scene that was incredibly arousing was Ginger handcuffed in a jail cell with her hands suspended above her head. WOW! This book has it all, great sex, oral, anal play, toys, and love. I could go on but you need to read this one for yourself. I recommend this story for those who enjoy hot erotic romance." ~ Annie Deb for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4/5 Stars!
"Ms. Ladley has really worked character introductions well into the plot so you neither feel betrayed that you don't know the characters nor is the flow of the story disturbed. To top the steamy storyline off there is an equally interesting supporting character, Aunt Bessie, whose antics really made me laugh. She was so much fun. A bunch of great Christmas songs act as the soundtrack for the book and propel the story forward. So get naughty! Grab a copy of Wild Winter: Naughty & Spice, get a hold of your partner and have your own sensual treats." ~ Mahaira Fatima for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...readers will find Ginger Blair and Stuart Nixon have passion to burn. From a sheer heat factor, readers will enjoy their interactions. They are both comfortable with their sexuality and their passion for each other lets them embrace more than the missionary position. I appreciate how Ms. Ladley's writing makes their involvement explosive and each action within their couplings a natural extension of passion. They are a couple meant to be." ~ Amanda S. for Fallen Angel Reviews

NAUGHTY & SPICE is one of those quick easy reads that make you chuckle until the very end.  Thoroughly enjoyable!  As always, a Titania Ladley book is worth the time and money spent.  I’ll be buying her next book.” ~ Theresa for Novelspot


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