Renegade & His Rebel


by Titania Ladley

Genre: Western-Historical Paranormal Ménage (m/f/m)

Part of the new Three Kinds of Wicked ménage series!

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When her deserting cad of a husband Renegade LaMarr reappears in Moose Junction, tomboy Cassandra "Rebel" Thatcher's as spitting mad as a peeled rattler and prepared to shoot the handsome coward right out of his boots. She's got her rifle at the ready and a fine-looking, mysterious drifter named Trey to warm her between the sheets and guard her jaded heart against Renegade. Armed with a secret and determined to get rid of Trey, Renegade plots to finally claim Rebel, chaps, spurs, boy breeches and all. Only problem is, before he can draw his six-shooter and declare a challenge, Renegade finds himself falling under Trey’s magical spell right along with his passionate, spitfire wife.

Reader Advisory: This book contains hot yeeeeehaawww scenes of m/f/m sex.

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Chapter One

Montana Territory


Rebel burst into the saloon and cocked her gun. Her pulse reverberated in her ears. She gritted her teeth and scanned the smoky room in search of her cowardly, deserting husband, Renegade LaMarr. Where is that bastard?

Aha. It didn’t take long to spot that moose of a man over the guide of her weapon.

"You don’t hightail it out of town this instant," she warned, her voice dripping with abhorrence while she kept the barrel aimed right at Renegade’s handsome face, "I promise you, you’re good as dead."

Over the top of the poker cards spread in his big bear-paw hand, Renegade shot her a look rife with irritation at the interruption. "Goddamn it, Rebel, put that blasted rifle down."

He growled as if she were some sort of annoying, snotty-nosed brat.

She took careful aim.

He noticed. "So help me if you don’t, I’ll—"

Boom, ping-ping, pow. Rebel peppered the room with bullets in an arc around her husband’s head and wide-shouldered frame. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed patrons shove over tables to take cover behind the heavy timber. She heard the jingle of coins scattering across the sawdust floorboards. Harlots squealed and raced from the room in a flurry of skirts and lace. The player piano finally halted its tune, and except for the faint, quivering whimper of Hobo the town mutt cowering near the blazing hearth, the room was plunged in dead silence.

Despite the chaos and his brush with death, true to form, Renegade didn’t so much as flinch one brawny muscle. His dark devil eyes glittered at her and sent a shiver of unease up her spine. Methodically—just as the big-headed ass did everything else in his life—he tipped his felt hat at her and got to his feet. His spurs clinked against the planks. The poker cards fluttered to the floor when he relaxed his fingers and carefully inched his grip upward toward his weapons.

But Rebel wasn’t to be distracted or alarmed. She’d waited too long for this moment. Her finger hovered temptingly over the trigger. This poor excuse for a husband would pay for abandoning her over five months ago. And, oh, how she longed to blow that smug look off the no-good son-of-a-bitch’s arresting face. Nevertheless, she supposed she’d best just run him out of her town and make him snivel the whole way. And even if she had to do it with the last breath she ever took, she’d see that he never returned.

"Who in tarnation invited you back to Moose Junction?" She glared at Renegade through the curls of acrid smoke wafting up from her firearm. When he didn’t reply—granted, she gave him very little time to respond—she answered her own question through clenched teeth. "Well it sure in blazes wasn’t me."

"What the hell’s up your craw?" Renegade asked in a lazy tone. He wrapped his long fingers around the ivory handles of the twin Colts holstered to his narrow hips. She heard the double click when he engaged the hammers.

"Uh-uh, pal. Don’t you even think of drawing those cannons." She re-cocked the gun and glowered at him, aligning the steel notch with his heartless, burly chest. Even through the haze, she could see that the varmint still looked as alive and fine-looking as sin, and as menacing as a snarling mountain wolf. A soon-to-be dead one if he didn’t cooperate. "You know doggone well I can shoot quicker than you can spit and holler howdy."

Renegade snorted with a lightning-quick flash of perfect white teeth. "Now, now, dearest wife, don’t go waking snakes. Everyone this side of the Rockies knows you can’t even hit a bull’s hind end with a handful of—"

She sucked in a ragged breath and squeezed the warm trigger without so much as a single twitch of an eye. Bang-zing. The bullet skimmed the crown of his hat and sent it tumbling into a puddle of spilled whiskey on the floor. With the Stetson gone, his shoulder-length hair shone blue-black in the evening sun streaming through the windows. The long glossy strands were scooped away from his smooth forehead, one that his wife had never once stroked or kissed. And thanks to his drifter’s heart, she’d resigned herself to the fact that she never would.

To his credit, he recoiled and carefully stepped behind a wide support pole. His damning gaze and the barrel of his gleaming silver firearm aimed at her from behind the post. "Jesus Christ and mother Mary, have you lost your cotton-picking mind?"

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4 Stars!

"While this is part of a series it’s also a well written, well developed stand alone novella. The characters are believable and honest. They have their faults and insecurities, something all of us can identify with. The plot moves along so well you’ll be at the end before you know it. You’ll also be going 'Darn it, I want more.' I really enjoyed this work and eagerly await the opportunity to read the rest of the series. ~ Angi for Night Owl Reviews


4.5/5 Delightful Divas!

"Renegade and His Rebel by Titania Ladley captured my attention from the first page and I couldn’t stop reading until I was done...  This is a fast paced book with a smooth flow. I loved the western language and tone that Titania gave to the whole book. It made for a realistic read, even when a touch of paranormal snuck into the story. If you are looking for a quick, hot read that will have you laughing one minute and fanning the flames of desire in the next, then I recommend that you pick up Renegade and His Rebel as soon as you can!" ~ Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews



4/5 Cherries!

"If you want a fun western-themed story, with oodles of sex, tons of passion, and the most unique hero and heroine, then you need to read Renegade and His Rebel. I give this story 4 cherries." ~Tiger Lily for Whipped Cream Erotic Romance


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