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Spell of the Chameleon

Available from Ellora's Cave in both ebook and print anthology




It's time to reverse the spell. Mia Foxe, High Priestess of the Chameleon Coven, isn't sure why, but there's an urgency suddenly within her. Going on instinct, she returns to the old ghost town of Perish, Massachusetts. She must release the handsome former Perish cleric from the spell of solitary confinement she'd cast upon him over three hundred years ago during the infamous days of The Salem Witch Trials. But when she arrives, she discovers he's a changed man full of anger, resentment and pent-up sexual frustration. And suddenly, she finds herself warring with the devil himself!

Abraham Warwick has had centuries to simmer and stew over Mia Foxe's wrath—and plenty of time to crave revenge and her luscious body. But now that she's returned, he's taking control of his life—and the witch. Stripping her of her powers, he plans a sweet, torturous retribution that no amount of magic can dispel!


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He moved one threatening step closer. His fists clenched, as did his pearly white teeth. She could all but see the steam shooting from his nostrils. His magnificent body flexed with each animalistic motion of his limbs, each breath he took. And she thought of a mighty dragon breathing his fire and wrath for all to see.

"Woman." he began with a warning tone. Clearly restraining himself from attacking her, he stopped in his tracks. Through clamped teeth, he said, "State your reason for returning to taunt me, or else I cannot be held accountable for my actions."

Mia inhaled the rugged scent of him, the caged beast stalking his prey, expression contorted with pure hatred. He was a giant to be feared, to heed. Fearless, she crossed her arms and looked up into the deep chocolate brown of his eyes.

She shrugged. "I don't know why I've come."

His dark brows arched mockingly. "You don't know why you've come?" he echoed.

"No," she replied, cutting the Harley engine. She swung a leg over the bike and removed her helmet. With a shake of her head, she released her hair, its thick mass tumbling to her shoulders. Purposefully, she stood before him and sat the helmet upon the cushioned seat. "I haven't a clue."

She thought she heard him growl before he replied, "You condemned me to live in a solitary hell with naught but myself for company for well over three centuries, and you haven't a clue why you've suddenly come to remind me of what a witch you truly are?"

"Witch, Abraham? Or bitch?"

His eyes, dark as sin, twinkled for the briefest moment. "Must I choose?"

Age-old simmering anger bubbled from deep within her soul. She stepped so close to him that her leather-clad breasts brushed against his upper abdomen. Ignoring the traitorous tingle of her suddenly taut nipples, she tipped her head back and looked up into the mocking sneer of his beautiful face.

"You chose once, dear Abe." She narrowed her eyes and ducked her head to nip one of his nipples between her teeth. He flinched, but did not move away from her. "You called me witch. You swore to burn my wicked soul at the stake. You sought to banish me to hell, to murder me, though I caused no mischief in your precious village of Perish."

"And a witch, you were, as evidenced by your cruel spell." His arms went around her, and she was slammed up against his hard chest. "But before that, you seduced with the sway of your hips," he swiped his hands over her buttocks, "enticed with your shameless deep cleavage." With that, he dipped his head and speared his tongue into the deep valley of her tits. "By one bat of the eye, you cast spell upon spell over the men—and, yes, even the women—of my town."

Her head fell back. A cauldron's heat scorched her wherever he touched, wherever his eyes brushed her flesh, wherever his hot breath caressed her skin. Her pulse thrummed in her throat like the erratic beat of a drum. With her chest pressed against his unyielding one, she couldn't breathe, couldn't think.

But suddenly, neither did she want to.


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5/5 Flames!
"Spell of the Chameleon has two of the most inventive and inspired erotic scenes that I have ever had the pleasure to read. Abe is a sexy, heart-stopping hero that will haunt my dreams for a long time. As for Mia, what can I say; she is a very lucky woman! Titania Ladley has created an enchanting story, filled with magic and passion, and wonderfully intriguing characters. I look forward to reading more from this very creative author!" ~ Kathi for Sizzling Romances


5/5 Stars!
"Awesome anthology... This anthology from authors Shiloh Walker, Rhyannon Byrd and Titania Ladley is great. The stories and characters are really interesting. And the sex is hot!" ~ Nicole for reader review posted on Amazon.com


4/5 Stars!
"SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON is a quick but amazing erotic story that I'll read over and over again. Ms. Ladley has written a wonderful story about two lost loves coming together to find out that love really does transcend time, even if it is three hundred years. I'll add this HOT little romance to my home library, I hope you add it to yours." ~ Susan Holly for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4/5 Stars!
"SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON is a fast paced book that really keeps you on the edge of your seat. I enjoyed the author's interpretation of witches. The sex scenes are definitely off the charts. I liked this book, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something quick to read." ~ Julie Bryan for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Ms. Ladley's passionate and erotically charged sex scenes literally had this reviewer blushing as they were quite intense as well as detailed to no end. SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON is full of passionately mesmerizing characters that are sure to bring the reader a wealth of pleasure as they follow Mia and Abe's adventure into finding love, righting wrongs and learning that sometimes that love can be right in front of their eyes." ~ Dawn for Love Romances

"...it's easy to see that Abe has feelings for the witch. Theirs is an intense passion, made all the hotter for the delay in the consummation; I greatly enjoyed Abe's inventiveness. The ending was an unexpected surprise, an interesting twist to a very delightful and interesting story." ~ Meribeth McCombs for The Road to Romance

"SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON by Titania Ladley might be a quickie, but it packs a powerful punch. Ms. Ladley portrays Mia and Abraham perfectly in just a few short pages, their characters coming through with flying colors. SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON definitely deserves the E-rotic rating it carries with its steamy sex scenes and well-written plot." ~ Sinclair Reid for Romance Reviews Today

"SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON is a mystical short story from new author Titania Ladley and it is a hottie! Ms. Ladley is extremely inventive when it comes to the sexual side of this tale... I would recommend this book to everyone." ~ Vikky for A Romance Review

"...these stories have well-developed plots...the characters are nicely defined. The sex scenes are sensual, including bondage and ménage a trois." ~ Susan Mobley for Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine on the anthology, More Than Magick

"Short but compelling, Ms. Ladley's SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON takes the idea of ancient witches and twists it around to create a diverting and somewhat revolutionary story. The characters are interesting and believable. The tale itself leaves a few questions for the reader and would be a wonderful read at double its size, but is well-contained and satisfying even as a "Quickie". The sexual content is well-written and the characters are very inventive in their pleasuring of each other. A creative and fulfilling read, SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON is a fun story that could be appreciated by any erotic romance fan." ~ Ann Leveille for Sensual Romance Reviews


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More Than Magick

Print anthology containing Titania's SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON above. Now available from Ellora's Cave!


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