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~*~ August 2015 - DEAR READERS: Please be aware I have received many rights back and will be revising and re-issuing my 20+ books backlist soon. Stay tuned!

~*~ March 12, 2014 - DOUBLE-TEAM HER released today at Ellora's Cave.

~*~ February 24, 2014 - Received my gorgeous DOUBLE-TEAM HER cover designed by the talented Erin Dameron-Hill. She is amazing! DTH releases at Ellora's Cave March 12, 2014.

~*~ February 15, 2014 - DOUBLE-TEAM HER has been slotted into the Ellora's Cave release schedule for March 12, 2014.

~*~ November 13, 2013 - STRIP HER, book 1 in the eXcitation series, is now available at Ellora's Cave.

~*~ October 12, 2013 - Watch the new Kaydee & the Tramp/Lipstick Leslee book trailer on YouTube. (<Click "YouTube".)

~*~ October 11, 2013 - Watch the new Karibu Heat (this book is FREE!) book trailer on YouTube. (<Click "YouTube".)

~*~ October 9, 2013 - PRETTY IN KINK released today at Ellora's Cave.

~*~ October 8, 2013 - Watch the new Pretty in Kink book trailer on YouTube. (<Click "YouTube".)

~*~ October 6, 2013 - STRIP HER has been slotted into the Ellora's Cave release schedule for November 13, 2013.

~*~ September 9, 2013 - STRIP HER has been contracted as the first in a series called eXcitation. Other planned books are DOUBLE-TEAM HER and HUNT HER. It's a naughty bedroom fantasy adventure for men and their lady lovers to read together. Series tagline: Sex with the ex (and more!) in a members-only Miami club. Start the naughty adventure with STRIP HER, book 1 in the eXcitation series by Titania Ladley.

~*~ August 29, 2013 - STRIP HER has been accepted for the Ellora's Cave Exotika imprint. Release date to be announced.

~*~ August 21, 2013 - PRETTY IN KINK edits are nearing completion and will be turned into my Ellora's Cave editor within the next few days. A release date will be shortly forthcoming once my completed edits are submitted to the publisher, so be sure and watch here on TitaniaLadley.com for up-to-the-minute information. Or, join my newsletter to receive updates in your inbox.

~*~ August 6, 2013 - STRIP HER (tentative title) has been submitted to my editor. It's a naughty bedroom fantasy adventure for men and their lady lovers to read together.

~*~ June 15, 2013 - PRETTY IN KINK has been contracted by Ellora's Cave. It's a light BDSM contemporary. A release date is TBA very soon.

~*~ April 10, 2013 - SULTAN OF SINN released today at Ellora's Cave. It's a galactically hot sci-fi erotic romances menage (M/M/F).

~*~ February 27, 2013 - LIPSTICK LESLEE released today. It's the sequel to KAYDEE & THE TRAMP, both lesbian erotic romances.

~*~ February 25, 2013 - Received my new cover for SULTAN OF SINN, a sci-fi, futuristic M/M/F from my Ellora's Cave editor today. Release date TBA.

~*~ January 29, 2013 - SULTAN OF SINN, a sci-fi, futuristic M/M/F space romp has been accepted by my Ellora's Cave editor. Release date TBA.

~*~ January 29, 2013 - CRIMSON KISS is no longer available. It will be expanded, revised and re-released at a later date.

~*~ January 10, 2013 - Received my smoking-hot cover for LIPSTICK LESLEE, the sequel to KAYDEE & THE TRAMP, both lesbian erotic romances.

~*~ January 1, 2013 - Great start to the new year! WILDER'S BANDIT receives 4/5 stars from Night Owl Reviews' LeeErin stating, "...a wonderful short story with plenty of steamy scenes, enduring characters, and just enough excitement to keep me reading. Ladley was able to write an impressive love story in less than one hundred pages."

~*~ December 31, 2012 - Submitted SULTAN OF SINN to my Ellora's Cave editor for possible re-release. By the way, Happy New Year!

~*~ December 19, 2012 - LIPSTICK LESLEE, the sequel to my hot-selling KAYDEE & THE TRAMP, both F/F erotic romances, has been accepted at Ellora's Cave. Release date TBA.

~*~ December 5, 2012 - WILDER'S BANDIT, my hot and sensual male/female erotic romance set in Missouri, USA wine country in the late 1800s, has just released at Ellora's Cave.

~*~ November 24, 2012 - Submitted LIPSTICK LESLEE, the sequel to KAYDEE & THE TRAMP, both F/F erotic romances.

~*~ October 30, 2012 - Got word from my Ellora's Cave editor that WILDER'S BANDIT will release on December 5th.

~*~ September 20, 2012 - Click on the title to see the awesome book cover for WILDER'S BANDIT.

~*~ September 4, 2012 - Just received word from my Ellora's Cave editor that she is offering a contract for WILDER'S BANDIT, my spicy male/female erotic romance set in Missouri, USA wine country in the late 1800s.

~*~ August 14, 2012 - Submitted WILDER'S BANDIT, an historical M/F erotic romance, to Ellora's Cave.

~*~ July 10, 2012 - The latest issue of my newsletter is now out with bunches of freebies, excerpts, and a contest. Click here to join:



~*~ July 8, 2012 - Besides my new A Wanton's Thief and A Gypsy's Thief covers, I have 4 more new ones, and they are all sooo gorgeous and totally sexy! Click on a cover to see a larger version on its book page. Ellora's Cave has their pages updated with the new covers, but it will take a few days or more for other sites (Amazon, B&N, etc.) to update.


~*~ July 2, 2012 - It's FREE! For a limited time, A WANTON'S THIEF, book #1 in my Robin Hood Thieves & Lovers series (Ellora's Cave Publishing) will be free. It's a great time to begin reading the first 3 in the series, because Book #4, A SCOUNDREL'S THIEF, will be released later this year.

~*~ June 21, 2012 - CRIMSON KISS, a sensual vampire erotic romance novella by moi is FREE for a limited time  at Amazon. Download your copy now! :)

~*~ June 1, 2012 - Re: my house in January 3, 2012 entry below... It's been heck dealing with insurance and contractors, and coordinating the rebuild. But to date, we now have the foundation poured and the framing and trusses up. It will be so nice to quit moving, finally unpack everything and not be living out of boxes and storage units anymore!

~*~ May 3, 2012 - CRIMSON KISS, a sensual vampire erotic romance novella is available at Amazon and B&N.

~*~ March 24, 2012 - KARIBU HEAT, the loosely related sequel to KABANA HEAT, just released at Amazon. It's a sultry erotic romance menage set on a fictitious island off the coast of Jamaica. Hot stuff!

~*~ January 5, 2012 - Another awesome 4-star KAYDEE & THE TRAMP review out at Night Owl Reviews today.

~*~ January 3, 2012 - Sad to report that my house burned down--to the ground. We lost everything. With this and a lengthy illness, don't be surprised if I'm MIA for a while.  :(

~*~ January 8, 2011 - Great 4-star KAYDEE & THE TRAMP review from Black Raven's Reviews.

~*~ November 25, 2010 - Wow, what a great birthday present (yes, today's my b-day :)! The Romance Studio released a fabulous 4.5-star review of KAYDEE & THE TRAMP.

~*~ October 16, 2010 - KAYDEE & THE TRAMP has received a 5-Tea Cups and RECOMMENDED READ at Happily Ever After Reviews!

~*~ October 7, 2010 - the paperback BREATHLESS PASSION, which includes SHADES OF PASSION and two of my Exotika stories (BREATHLESS and HEARTLESS) writing as Roxana Blaze, released at Ellora's Cave!

~*~ September 18, 2010 - KAYDEE & THE TRAMP has received a review grade of B at Loving Venus - Loving Mars blog. Thanks to all reviewers out there for taking the time to review all of my books!

~*~ September 8, 2010 -  RENEGADE & HIS REBEL gets 4 stars at Night Owl Reviews.

~*~ September 1, 2010 - KAYDEE & THE TRAMP, a lesbian erotic romance by Titania Ladley, just released today at Ellora's Cave!

~*~ June 9, 2010 -  A lesbian, first-person book by moi was just accepted by Ellora's Cave. KAYDEE & THE TRAMP is a contemporary erotic romance set to release in September 2010.

~*~ June 9, 2010 -  YOU'VE GOT IRISH MALE received a fabulous 4-star review from Night Owl Reviews.

~*~ February 24, 2010 -  My traditional m/f erotic romance YOU'VE GOT IRISH MALE from the earlier Enchanted Rogues anthology is now out as a single-title reissue at a much more affordable price. Although YGIM remains in the anthology in print format, it is now available singly only in ebook format (that is, you can now purchase it alone in ebook without the other two titles in the antho for less $). Click over and take a look at the new cover featuring my hunky mutant leprechaun, Grady O'Donovan!

~*~ February 17, 2010 - My new review is now up at The Raven Happy Hour blog. Movie: The very unique sci-fi action District 9.

~*~ January 20, 2010 - My new review is posted at The Raven Happy Hour blog. Movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

~*~ January 20, 2010 - The 3rd in Robin Hood Thieves & Lovers Ellora's Cave series, A WITCH'S THIEF, received a 3.5-star review at Night Owl Reviews.

~*~ December 18, 2009 - Book 3 in the Thieves & Lovers series, A WITCH'S THIEF, is now available at Ellora's Cave.

~*~ December 16, 2009 - My December paranormal movie review is now up at The Raven Happy Hour blog. Movie: Knowing with Nicholas Cage.

~*~ November 18, 2009 - My November paranormal movie review is now up at The Raven Happy Hour blog. Movie: Shutter.

~*~ October 21, 2009 - My October paranormal movie review is now up at The Raven Happy Hour blog. Movie: Paranormal Activity, yes, "that" movie, the one the entertainment world is all a-buzz about.

~*~ October 4, 2009 - I'm blogging at my own place now. Random prizes for random posters! Titania's Blog.

~*~ October 4, 2009 - I've joined the contributing staff at Mandy M. Roth and Michelle M. Pillow's The Raven Happy Hour blog. I will be doing paranormal movie reviews the third Wednesday of every month. Ongoing random prizes to posters. Be sure and bookmark this fun blog!

~*~ October 1, 2009 - RENEGADE & HIS REBEL, my western-historical m/f/m  ménage featuring a Calamity Jane-type heroine has just released! It's part of the Three Kinds of Wicked Red Sage Publishing ménage series including other stories by talented authors such as Liane Gentry Sky, Alice Gaines, Anne Rainey, and Mia Varano, with more to come. See entry below for information on the series book trailer.

~*~ June 25, 2009 - Take a look at the Red Sage Three Kinds of Wicked ménage series video book trailer designed by the talented Rae Monet. It features the first 5 of about 12 planned installments in the series including my next release, RENEGADE & HIS REBEL, a western-historical m/f/m ménage releasing October 1, 2009.

~*~ June 12, 2009 - HEARTLESS, the second in my Nighthawk series, is now available at Ellora's Cave.

~*~June 1, 2009 - KABANA HEAT is now available for paperback preorder at Amazon.

~*~ January 2009 - Galleys are now turned in for my naughty Hawaiian ménage, KABANA HEAT (Samhain Publishing), to go to print. Trade paperback release date will be June 30, 2009. A great Kabana Heat review:  90/100 & A Keeper! "…plenty of unapologetic, unabashed, and very naughty scenes that have me wishing that someone would spray a fire extinguisher all over me… [a] most charming naughty romp." ~ Mrs. Giggles

~*~ December 2008 - I've just contracted a western-historical paranormal m/f/m ménage with Red Sage Publishing! It's titled RENEGADE & HIS REBEL and features a gun-toting, sassy Calamity Jane-like heroine. A really fun and sizzling romance!  Release date TBA.

~*~ August 5, 2008 - KABANA HEAT, a scorching contemporary ménage set on a breathtaking Hawaiian island released today at Samhain Publishing.

~*~ May 12, 2008 - A GYPSY'S THIEF, second in my Thieves & Lovers Robin Hood erotic romance series, just released in print.

~*~ April 4, 2008 - My first erotica book BREATHLESS has just released under the Exotika line at Ellora's cave!  (Click the title to see more.)

~*~ April 1, 2008 - My first Red Sage Publishing book FIRES WITHIN has just released!  (Click the title to see more.)

~*~ February 25, 2008 - Just got word KABANA HEAT will release August 2008!

~*~ January 30, 2008 - Yay! Samhain Publishing has just offered me a contract for KABANA HEAT, a contemporary ménage set on a fictitious island in Hawaii. Book cover and release date TBA.

~*~ January 11, 2008 - The cover for FIRES WITHIN, my upcoming Red Sage release, has just arrived. Take a look here.

~*~ November 25, 2007 - Today is my birthday and I just received a wonderful "gift" - the news that BREATHLESS (an Ellora's Cave Exotika) now has a release date of April 4, 2008.

~*~ November 21, 2007 - SHADES OF PASSION by my alter-ego Roxana Blaze is now available at Ellora's Cave!

~*~ November 2, 2007 - FIRES WITHIN will be releasing April 1, 2008 at Red Sage Publishing!

~*~ September 10, 2007 - Wow, I've been offered a contract with Red Sage Publishing (renowned for their Secrets print anthologies) for their new e-site, eRedSage. It's titled FIRES WITHIN and is an historical ménage paranormal. Release date and book cover are upcoming.

~*~ August 12, 2007 - More great news! I've just been offered a contract for BREATHLESS, an Ellora's Cave Exotika. It is an historical ménage paranormal novella. Release date and book cover are forthcoming.

~*~ July 31, 2007 - Received word from my Ellora's Cave editor that SHADES OF PASSION now has a release date of November 21, 2007.

~*~ July 6, 2007 - CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW from Ellora's Cave is now available!

~*~ June 22, 2007 - CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW now has a release date of July 6, 2007. Also, see the books page for a peek at the hot new book cover designed by Syneca.

~*~ March 27, 2007 - I've just contracted another book with Ellora's Cave under my new pseudonym, Roxana Blaze. It's titled SHADES OF PASSION and is a contemporary romantic suspense novella. Release date and book cover coming soon.

~*~ April 13, 2007 - My Ellora's Cave Wild Winter Quickie NAUGHTY & SPICE was just nominated for the 2006 Ecataromance Reviewers' Choice Award.  A big thank-you to those reviewers who nominated my book.  I'm so honored!

~*~ April 5, 2007 - CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW, the sequel to SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON, has now been turned into my editor.  A release date a book cover will be coming soon.

~*~ February 13, 2007 - I finally got organized and now have a Myspace page! I hope you'll consider dropping by and saying HI.

~*~ January 24, 2007 - HEADS OR TAILS?, my very first gay & lesbian novel, has just released at Ellora's Cave! If you prefer male/male only, or female/female only, fear not, it IS possible to read just those portions along with the Conclusion section to enjoy the whole story. Hot-hot-hot, so don't miss it! Take a looksie...

~*~ December 24, 2006 - What a great holiday gift...I've just received a contract for the sequel to Spell of the Chameleon, my first Ellora's Cave Quickie from 2004. Back by reader popular demand, this full-length paranormal erotic romance novel will explore my Chameleon breed of witches in much more detail. To keep up-to-date on the title, its release date, and other on-going news, please join my monthly announcement-only newsletter! Prizes are awarded every month. ;)

~*~ December 6, 2006 - My Wild Winter Quickie titled NAUGHTY & SPICE is now available! Check it out HERE!

~*~ December 5, 2006 - My first Samhain Publishing title has now released! AURORA'S TRIANGLE is a a vampire ménage novella. I'm very excited to be a part of this fresh new (as of late 2005) publisher. Please go take a look HERE. :o)

~*~ I've just received word my first gay/lesbian novel will be releasing at Ellora's Cave on January 24, 2007! It's titled HEADS OR TAILS? and contains 2 separate stories, a hot m/m love story and a tender f/f romance in one. The characters are connected yet each section can be read as a stand-alone. To see the awesome new cover, click HERE and check out the left toolbar.

~*~ I now have a release date of December 6, 2006 for my Ellora's Cave Wild Winter Quickie titled NAUGHTY & SPICE. To see the sizzling wintry cover, click HERE and go to the toolbar at left.

~*~ I'm thrilled to be a new Samhain Publishing author! My first release will be December 5, 2006, a vampire ménage novella titled AURORA'S TRIANGLE. To view my sexy new cover, click HERE and take a look at the left toolbar.

~*~ Book Signing info now available! I'm pleased to announce I will be signing my Ellora's Cave books at the following stores. I will be giving away a free blinky cup with each of my purchased, signed books. If you're in the area, please stop by and say hello!

Friday, September 15th from 6-8pm:
A-104 Wausau Center
Wausau, WI 54403

Saturday, September 16th 6-8pm:
3800 Highway16
La Crosse, WI 54601

Sunday, September 17th from 1-3 pm:
Oakwood Mall
4800 Golf Road
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

~*~ A book signing is being planned for mid-September 2006 in the southern Wisconsin region. To receive updates on this and other Titania news, please click HERE and join her newsletter.

~*~ Check out this new website with 10 Ellora's Cave authors! Click HERE!

~*~ June 14, 2006 - A GYPSY'S THIEF, 2nd in the Thieves & Lovers series is now out at Ellora's Cave!

~*~ I have a new book cover! A GYPSY'S THIEF, second in my Thieves & Lovers series, is Little John's story, and will be releasing June 14 from Ellora's Cave! Yay!

~*~ May 21, 2006 - Wow, what a fantastic convention! The Ellora's Cave party was such fun, and the book signing was a huge success - tons of readers, authors, publishers, booksellers, and reviewers. It was so wonderful to meet everyone. :) Looking forward to the next RT. See you in April 2007 in Houston!

~*~ May 15, 2006 - I'm so excited to be heading out to the Romantic Times Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida. Looking forward to sun, fun, and books galore. Hope to see you there!

~*~ January 16, 2006-My website woes have finally been solved! For those of you who keep up with my website on a regular basis, you may have noticed it has been a long while since updates have been done. Due to some file corruption and/or technical problems, it has taken months to solve the problem. But the mystery has been deciphered and put to rest. Needless to say, I'm back! {g}

~*~ With the holiday season upon us, I'll be scarce on the net due to family visiting, shopping, and keeping up with edits and writing. Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful coming New Year!

~*~ Still awaiting word from my editor on the second in my Robin Hood series. Tentatively titled A VIXEN'S THIEF, it is a menage a trois with paranormal aspects and is Little John's hot love story. I'm currently plotting the third and final book in the series. Keep an eye on my newsletter, Titania's Secret Seductions, for updates.

~*~December 15, 2005 - MIDNIGHT HOUR, a New Year's Eve holiday novella is set to release today at Triskelion Publishing! Go check it out and click the New Releases page!

~*~ December 5, 2005 - Author Ruby Storm and I are hosting a Virtual Cookie Exchange at our chat loop, the Fantasy Club. If you missed it, no problem! All the yummy recipes are listed in the Files section, as well as steamy excerpts from tons of our author friends.

~*~ November 30, 2005 - Yay! My long-awaited vampire menage BAT SCRATCH FEVER has released! To learn more, please click HERE.

~*~ October 21, 2005 - Received word on a booking for a new signing at the Waldenbooks in Duluth, Minnesota. For more details on date, time and location, click HERE.

~*~ October 13, 2005 - Just started a new chat group with fellow Ellora's Cave author Ruby Storm. Click HERE to join.

~*~ Early October 2005 - Edits for my Ellora's Cave vampire menage BAT SCRATCH FEVER are now in progress. A release date and book cover should be coming soon.

~*~ October 3, 2005 - I've just turned in the second book in my Robin Hood/Thief series to my editor. The third and final book in the series will be underway soon.

~*~ My fellow Ellora's Cave author J.C. Wilder aka Dominique Adair has packed up her car with Katrina relief items and headed south. As you can imagine, she's encountered so many in need, she's sending out an SOS. Please go to her website to see other ways you can lend a hand. Let's all join hands and pitch in what we can-every little bit helps! Click HERE for more details on her heart-wrenching relief efforts and how you can help!

~*~ September 5, 2005 - Until further notice....Echelon Press Publishing will be sending monthly checks to the Red Cross of America on behalf of those affected by the devastation in the south. Echelon will donate 50% of their proceeds from the sale of EVERY download sold from their site!

~*~ What a fabulous Ellora's Cave/Waldenbooks book signing we had! Moi, Ruby Storm, Anya Bast, and Cynthia Williams all came together the last weekend of August 2005 for a signing in the Wisconsin/Minnesota areas. Thanks to all the fans who showed up to greet us and check out our print books! We'll let you know when the next one is planned. :)

~*~ I'm delighted to announce Lady Jaided magazine will be publishing one of my articles! The general topic will address certain medical-related issues that can have sexual side effects for women. As a nurse, I called upon both my personal experiences and my medical background to write the article. To see what this edgy, hot new magazine, Lady Jaided, is all about, click HERE.

~*~ Book Signing! I'll be signing print copies of my Ellora's Cave books at a Waldenbooks on August 27, 2005, along with several other EC authors. For more details, click HERE.

~*~ I've just sold another novel to Ellora's Cave! I'm pleased to announce that BAT SCRATCH FEVER (release date TBA) was just accepted by my editor. This will be my first (but not last!) vampire ménage. Watch for a release date right here, or join my newsletter for monthly updates.

~*~ Ruby Storm and I have started to plan for Pajama Puzzlemania II on the Ellora's Cave readers' loop in August. Lots of books and prizes up for grabs. For more info, click HERE.

~*~ Risqué, my Men of Entice novella, just released June 23, 2005! For only $2.50, this novella packs a steamy punch. Don't miss it!

~*~ Me Tarzan, You Jewel, the sequel to Jennie In a Bottle re-released in PRINT!

~*~ A Wanton's Thief, my newest Ellora's Cave Robin Hood release, is in the print process! It should re-release in paperback sometime this winter 2005!

~*~ Enchanted Rogues, the St. Patrick's Day anthology with talented authors Lynn LaFleur and Lani Aames will be releasing in print sometime late summer, possibly in August.

~*~ Got word that MOONLITE MIRAGE will re-release in July 2005 (tentatively) in PRINT!

~*~ Started working on the second in my Robin Hood series, another menagé with a working title of A Vixen's Thief. Will keep you updated as things progress. ;)

~*~ A Wanton's Thief released May 25, 2005! Yay! Don't miss this hot Robin Hood menage...

~*~ May 2005: Submitted my first vampire Romantica to my Ellora's Cave editor. Will keep you posted on its status. :)

~*~ It was great to meet everyone at the Romantic Times Convention in St. Louis! So glad you could all make it. Now it's time to start working on our tans and get ready for the May 2006 RT Convention in Florida. Woo-hoo!

~*~ Whew! I've been very busy the last month or so getting prepared for the Romantic Times Convention. I hope to see you there. I'll be signing MORE THAN MAGICK, JENNIE IN A BOTTLE and HOSTAGE OF MY HEART on Saturday, April 30 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

~*~ MORE THAN MAGICK, a print anthology including my Ellora's Cave Quickie SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON is now available! Follow one of the buy links here or on the Books page. Don't miss this great collection of paranormal and/or ménage stories. I will be signing this book April 30 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Romantic Times Convention in St. Louis, Missouri.

~*~ A WANTON'S THIEF now has a release date of May 25, 2005! Don't miss this hot historical ménage re-telling of Robin Hood. ;)

~*~ My Robin Hood story originally titled Thief Of Desire has been contracted by Ellora's Cave, but it has a new title...A WANTON'S THIEF! Keep an eye out for the TBA release date of this HOT historical with a paranormal and MÉNAGE À TROIS slant. ;)

~*~ Check out the awesome new cover for MORE THAN MAGICK! Cover artist Syneca is such a great talent, isn't she? :) MORE THAN MAGICK is an anthology including the re-release of SPELL OF THE CHAMELEON and includes works by phenomenal authors Rhyannon Byrd and Shiloh Walker. It will release in print sometime before the Romantic Times Convention in St. Louis, Missouri in late April. To see the new cover, click here. To learn more about the convention, click here.

~*~ Just received word that I will be a featured author in a magazine that will be distributed at 2 major booksellers' conventions in the summer of 2005! Will post more details as they become available.


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