BunnyRanch Bordello

  Why do I have photos of the HBO-famed Moonlite BunnyRanch bordello on my website, you ask?  Well, because my Ellora's Cave sci-fi paranormal erotic romance novel MOONLITE MIRAGE is set there!  I was invited by owner Dennis Hof to visit his world-famous sexy establishment to conduct research for the book.  The first picture below is me (center) with charismatic Dennis and his gorgeous madam.  In the very first archived issue of my newsletter, you can also read an article I wrote about my fun stay at the Ranch.  So go join and take a look!

[Adults only, please!]


A beautiful Madam, a handsome owner
and a positively thrilled erotic romance author - what a trio! LOL
Shown is Titania Ladley (center) with Madam Suzette and owner Dennis Hof in the
mirrored parlor of the BunnyRanch bordello in Carson City, Nevada.

BunnyRanch Bordello Parlor

Entrance to the BunnyRanch

Thank You! Please Come Often!
Exit Sign at the BunnyRanch

Dennis Hof with Dixie Cupps and Robin from the Howard Stern show.
Picture courtesy

A bevy of gorgeous Bunnies and Dennis Hof, owner (left rear),
at the Moonlite BunnyRanch cocktail bar,
also featured in MOONLITE MIRAGE.
(Photo courtesy


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Ta-da!  "The" book.  ;)


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